Crowdsourcing Superpowers for Retail Traders

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Superalgos is a community-owned open-source project with a decentralized and token-incentivized social trading network crowdsourcing superpowers for retail traders.

Superalgos Platform

free and open-source infrastructure to build, test, and deploy trading systems

Incentivized User Base

technical user base token-incentivized to broadcast peer-to-peer trading signals

Social Trading Network

broader community following other people's bots doing automated & free copy-trading

Design, test and deploy crypto trading bots with the top free and open-source trading platform on Github!

The Superalgos Platform integrates all crucial aspects of crypto trading automation in a visual scripting environment accessible to technically-minded users and optimized for developers.

The leading design principles are maximum power, flexibility, and collaboration. The software is free and open-source, running on your premises so that you have complete control and no counterparty risks.

Follow the crypto trading bots of seasoned users in the community to copy their trades automatically!

Algo traders produce and broadcast trading signals in an open competition to earn Superalgos (SA) Tokens. Use the platform to connect to their feeds and automate your trading even if you haven't built any strategies!

To join the open beta of the trading signals functionality, jump on the Superalgos Trading Telegram group!

Start or join trading teams pooling complementary members' skills to become smarter, faster and stronger!

The Superalgos Platform is optimized for collaborative work. The trading intelligence assets users create are standardized so that data, strategies, AI models, workspaces, and all sorts of plugins are shareable.

Trading operations may be compartmentalized so that each team member takes care of specific aspects of the deployment of a common infrastructure, sharing trading intelligence while trading independently.

Monetize your trading intelligence further by broadcasting signals over the Superalgos Network!

The project incentivizes platform users to share intelligence without revealing their strategies. Signal providers earn Superalgos (SA) Tokens in proportion to the size of their following.

The network has been available in open beta since Q1 2022 to enable collaboration in the decentralized production, dissemination, and consumption of trading intelligence.

Join a global community of developers, traders, and entrepreneurs to help build the infrastructure!

Superalgos is a token-incentivized, community-owned open-source project crowdsourcing superpowers for retail traders. Top minds evolve and improve the project, earning Superalgos (SA) Tokens for their work.

We are a user-centric community fighting for our rights to financial sovereignty and independence. If you wish to help build an open and inclusive trading intelligence network, we'd be happy to have you!

Contribute computing power to train AI models and earn rewards in the native Superalgos $SA Token!

Training machine learning models demands serious computation resources. The community crowdsources computing power and shares the resulting intelligence with everyone holding the Superalgos $SA token!

We train models that provide buy/sell signals and forecast the next candle of the top crypto markets, on multiple time frames. Use this intelligence in your strategies to find your edge!

Superalgos is pioneering Decentralized Trading with an open network designed for dominance!

The ecosystem's design of incentives turns Superalgos into an ever-evolving technology infrastructure capturing ever-increasing amounts of talent.

Superalgos is at the end of the disruption curve thanks to the open-source, community-owned, user-centric, free-for-all nature of the project. With a defensible business model, friction reduced to zero, and a powerful consumer brand, there's nothing left to disrupt.

The project pairs state-of-the-art technology with a talent pool of diverse skills ideal for open collaboration!

Being among the first few Github projects in the trading category generates an inflow of talented algo traders with various specialties: developers, data scientists, AI engineers, sys admins, dev-ops engineers, etc.

When surrounded by top specialists, you will soon realize that you're not the best at everything. The key to success requires collaboration at multiple levels! Team up with other users to deploy a killer trading operation!

We're all about privacy, financial freedom, and your right to pursue financial independence!

That is why the Superalgos Platform is a standalone software that you run on your premises: so that you don't need to trust third parties with your funds, exchange keys, strategies, or personal information.

You may enjoy an ad-free experience with no collection of usage data, use all functionality for free with no tiered or gated access, and no premium plans. You own your datasets and your strategies... you're the boss!

The token grants you a voice in governance and access to services like AI predictions and signals!

While the software is free for everyone, only token holders may access certain premium community services. You may also enjoy priority in the distribution of trading signals and other benefits.

The Superalgos (SA) Token also grants holders voting power in the governance system. The ability to influence the development and the distribution of incentives in a dominant network is a huge deal!

Support Superalgos by spreading the word, contributing work, and buying the token!

Superalgos is possible thanks to the visionary leadership and hard work of contributors. Join the collective effort by spreading the word and contributing work in your field of interest.

You may also buy tokens to support contributors who wish to spend more of their time driving Superalgos forwards. If you believe in what we're doing and wish to see Superalgos grow, those are great ways to help!