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The Superalgos Platform integrates all crucial aspects of crypto trading automation in a visual scripting environment accessible to technical users and optimized for developers.

The leading design principles are maximum power and flexibility. The software is free and open-source, running on your premises so that you have complete control, no third-party risks, and zero limitations.

Crypto users follow algo traders' bots to copy their trades using our free social trading apps!

Superalgos Social Trading Apps will become available in open beta starting Q2, 2022. There will be desktop, server, and mobile versions designed to fully automate your trading while you sleep, or notify you for manual confirmations.

Algo traders compete to earn Superalgos (SA) Tokens by producing and broadcasting top-quality signals. That's why you may use the best signals free of charge — because it's the project paying for trading intelligence, not you!

An open, global community of developers, creatives, data scientists, AI engineers, and entrepreneurs work together to develop the infrastructure!

Superalgos is a token-incentivized, community-owned open-source project building an open trading intelligence network. Top minds in different fields contribute to evolve and improve the project, earning Superalgos (SA) Tokens for their contributions.

Superalgos is a user-centric project committed to defending users' rights to privacy, financial sovereignty, and independence. If you're a crypto, open-source, or trading enthusiast and wish to help build an open and inclusive trading intelligence network, we'd be happy to have you on board!

Token-Incentivized Collaboration

Flipping traditional models upside down
Smart Investing

Instead of fooling crypto users with paid plans, black boxes, custodial services, and tools that don't work, the project buys trading intelligence from experts and distributes it free of charge.

Experts produce and curate trading intelligence, and the protocol pays for their work. While commercial trading bots and signals platforms are in the business of extracting value from users, Superalgos is a user-centric network.

Open Collaboration

Instead of letting these experts work in silos, Superalgos brings developers, traders, math geeks, and data scientists together to build the best trading automation tools.

Top minds in every area contribute to develop tech infrastructure, trading intelligence, and community, and earn tokens for their work. The result is the most open, robust, flexible, and powerfull trading intelligence network on Earth.

Embracing Complexity

Instead of pretending trading is easy, Superalgos provides experts with the complex technology infrastructure required for trading intelligence to emerge, for the benefit of the community.

Protocol incentives align everyone's goals in the same direction: to serve users! Algo traders earn tokens if crypto users follow their signal feeds. Crypto users keep following if the signals are good. That is how everyone wins.

Superalgos rewires the social, professional, and institutional relationships in the legacy financial system, creating a new economy based on the alignment of incentives of all participants.

Superalgos (SA) Token

Holding the Token is the Collective Business Model

Everyone in the collaboration earns tokens for their contributions. From project founders to the last user participating in governance, we are all contributors. We all share the same incentives and collective goal: to drive value to the Superalgos (SA) Token.

Governance Utility

Superalgos features decentralized governance by which the community votes with reputation and token holdings to determine how to distribute incentives.

Because broad participation is crucial, the sole act of engaging with governance earns you tokens. For instance, Community Building Programs are incentivized with a token bonus. Voting is incentivized too, and you may also choose to participate in the Staking Program.

Reputation Utility

The tokens you earn when contributing to the project determine your reputation. You may leverage reputation to increase your Voting Power and your Priority Ranking getting signals!

Reputation is not transferable, so the tokens you acquire by any other means (buying, swapping, borrowing, trading, etc.) do not carry a reputation value. Only addresses that received tokens directly from the Treasury Account grant you reputation in the governance system.

Priority Utility

The token balance and reputation in the built-in wallet of the Superalgos Social Trading Apps determine a Priority Ranking: the order in which users get trading signals.

This is not an artificial scheme: no arbitrary latency will be introduced. Distributing signals is a computational process that requires time and an ordered list of recipients. Superalgos will not require users to hold tokens but will prioritize top holders whenever a ranking is necessary.

Demand for the token originates from crypto users competing to be among the first to receive trading signals and for the token bonus of governance programs. Use cases incentivize holding and do not require spending the token, avoiding blockchain fees.

Browse the contract, the token tracker, and the treasury account on BscScan.

WARNING: Always make sure you are interacting with the real Superalgos contract:

Superalgos Network

Built for openness, resilience, and censorship resistance

The network is peer-to-peer to reduce friction and maximize resilience / censorship resistance.

Platform users connect to broadcast signals, and app users connect to consume them. There are no network fees, no intermediaries, and no central authority or choke points.

Open Network

Superalgos is an open network like the Internet, Bitcoin, or Lightning.

Open networks are superior to closed networks because allowing unrestricted participation ensures the broadest possible adoption and the greatest possible network effects.


The network is permissionless so that everyone may freely innovate.

The network is app-agnostic. Anyone may develop new clients, connect wallets, or supply/consume intelligence in any other way. Anyone may contribute to the infrastructure.

By design, Superalgos embraces innovation and fosters relentless evolution. The network will capture ever-increasing brainpower as it grows, maximizing network effects.

Disruption Frontier

Designed for network dominance

Superalgos reimagines the trading ecosystem from the ground up, discarding all vices and perverse incentives of the legacy system. The return to first principles allowed rethinking all assumptions. Superalgos is not an incremental evolution of traditional finance; it is a new paradigm at the end of the disruption curve.

  • Project, token, governance, and network — all are decentralized.

  • Everything is open source and free of charge, for everyone, forever.

  • Governance incentivizes all positive inputs from all actors.

  • Trading intelligence evolves systematically, by design of incentives.

Zero Friction
  • There is zero adoption and operational costs for all participants.

  • There is no need for toxic business models — no ads, no user data collection, nothing!

  • Participation may be pseudonymous, and permissionless.

  • The business is an unregulated activity: the dissemination of trading signals.

Powerful Brand
  • The collective business is 100% aligned with consumer interests.

  • We adopt open source, decentralization, bitcoin, and privacy values.

  • The project fosters collaboration and constructive social interactions.

  • We act as a union to acquire benefits for everyone (i.e.: better exchange fees).

With a defensible business structure, friction reduced to zero, and a powerful consumer brand, there's nothing left to disrupt. The network is destined to grow into the dominant global trading intelligence network.

A Bright and Open Future

A glimpse into the unknown

What happens when a network is open, permissionless, and token-incentivized? Who knows!? We can't predict all possible emergent phenomena, but we do see how social dynamics evolve in the community and hear ongoing conversations!

Alternative Models

The model by which algo traders produce signals that influencers disseminate and crypto users consume free of charge is the first model we are implementing, but not the only one! There will be alternative designs of incentives promoting other forms of collaboration too. For example, models by which users may invest in the development of strategies, or models that produce premium signals that users may choose to pay for.

Network Client Library

Superalgos P2P is an Open Trading Network. The Superalgos Apps will be the first apps plugged into it. The project will develop a JS Client Library to facilitate the integration of other new and existing apps. Using this library, any existing crypto wallet, exchange app, or trading app in general will be able to plug into the Superalgos P2P Network to provide and consume signals, follow/unfollow users and execute trading orders on exchanges.

In the future, the network will disseminate different intelligence asset types like signals, AI models, data sets, strategies, or trading systems. Users will produce and consume intelligence in various ways and will collaborate and compete under multiple schemes.