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Community Data Mines

Summary: The Community Data Mines book is a compendium of data mines—and their indicators—contributed by the Community.
I->Foundations->Topic->Alpha Data Mine
II->Foundations->Topic->Buddha Data Mine->

Chapter II - Buddha Data Mine

Table of Contents

1. Candle Patterns - Buddah Indicator

III->Foundations->Topic->Delta Data Mine->
IV->Foundations->Topic->Heikin Data Mine->
V->Foundations->Topic->Masters Data Mine->
VI->Foundations->Topic->Omega One Data Mine->
VII->Foundations->Topic->Pluvtech Data Mine->
VIII->Foundations->Topic->Polus Data Mine->
IX->Foundations->Topic->quantum Data Mine->
X->Foundations->Topic->Sparta Data Mine->
XI->Foundations->Topic->Turtles Data Mine->

Chapter XI - Turtles Data Mine

Table of Contents

1. Turtles

XII->Foundations->Topic->Zeus Data Mine->
XIII->Foundations->Topic->CoinGecko API Map and Mine->

Chapter XIII - CoinGecko API Map and Mine

Table of Contents

1. CoinGecko API Map and Mine

2. CoinGecko API Map

3. CoinGecko API Mine

XIV->Foundations->Topic->Divergences Data Mine->
XV->Foundations->Topic->Trends Data Mine->
XVI->Foundations->Topic->Pivots Data Mine->
XVII->Foundations->Topic->API Data Mines->
XVIII->Foundations->Topic->Undulated Data Mine->
XIX->Foundations->Topic->Volume Tools Data Mine->
XX->Foundations->Topic->Aggregated Data Mine->

Chapter XX - Aggregated Data Mine

Table of Contents

1. Aggregated By @quantum8

2. Trend Meter

3. Donchian Trend Ribbon

4. PPO Aggregate