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Data Product

A data product represents the collection of datasets generated by the instance of a bot as defined in the corresponding data mine or trading mine.
Data products exist in the context of trading mines data and data mines data nodes. In the first case, a data product is the collection of datasets generated by an instance of a trading bot as defined in a trading mine, running a trading session. In the latter case, it is the collection of datasets generated by either a sensor bot or an indicator bot instance, as defined in a data mine, and running a data mining task.
A data product node must reference a product definition in the corresponding bot.
Data Product Menu
The Data Product node has the following Node Menu items:
The Delete menu item has the following properties:
  • action: Delete UI Object
  • actionProject: Visual-Scripting
  • askConfirmation: true
  • confirmationLabel: Confirm to Delete
  • label: Delete
  • iconPathOn: delete-entity
  • iconPathOff: delete-entity
  • actionFunction: payload.executeAction
Data Product Attaching Rules
The following are the Node Attaching Rules that govern the attachment of Data Product with other nodes:
Compatible Types:
Data Product Referencing Rules
The following are the Node Referencing Rules that determine which nodes Data Product may establish a reference to:
Compatible Types: