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Exchange Account Key

The exchange account key holds the definition of the key name and secret provided by the corresponding exchange to access the user account via the exchange API.
Configuring Exchange Account Key
  • codeName is the name or label of your key, as supplied by the exchange.
  • secret is the secret key supplied by the exchange.
  • uid is the uid supplied by the exchange. This is not required for all exchanges.
  • password is the password or passphrase supplied at the creation of the key and secret. This is not required for all exchanges.
Initial Values
These are the Initial Values for Exchange Account Key configuration:
This is a list of properties featured by the Exchange Account Key configuration. Expanding a property shows sample values for the property extracted from the current Workspace.
Exchange Account Key Menu
The Exchange Account Key node has the following Node Menu items:
The Configure menu item has the following properties:
  • action: Configure
  • label: Configure
  • iconPathOn: configuration
  • iconPathOff: configuration
  • dontShowAtFullscreen: true
  • actionFunction: uiObject.configEditor.activate
The Delete menu item has the following properties:
  • action: Delete UI Object
  • actionProject: Visual-Scripting
  • askConfirmation: true
  • confirmationLabel: Confirm to Delete
  • label: Delete
  • iconPathOn: delete-entity
  • iconPathOff: delete-entity
  • actionFunction: payload.executeAction
Exchange Account Key Attaching Rules
The following are the Node Attaching Rules that govern the attachment of Exchange Account Key with other nodes:
Compatible Types: