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Javascript Code

The JavaScript code node may hold any snippet of valid JavaScript.
The system allows developers great flexibility as all valid JavaScript code is allowed.
Javascript Code Menu
The Javascript Code node has the following Node Menu items:
The Edit menu item has the following properties:
  • action: Edit
  • actionFunction: uiObject.codeEditor.activate
  • label: Edit
  • iconPathOn: javascript-code
  • iconPathOff: javascript-code
The Delete menu item has the following properties:
  • action: Delete UI Object
  • actionProject: Visual-Scripting
  • askConfirmation: true
  • confirmationLabel: Confirm to Delete
  • actionFunction: payload.executeAction
  • label: Delete
  • iconPathOn: delete-entity
  • iconPathOff: delete-entity
Javascript Code Attaching Rules
The following are the Node Attaching Rules that govern the attachment of Javascript Code with other nodes:
Compatible Types:
Javascript Code Code
This section explores Javascript Code Node Code.
Initial Value
The initial value for Javascript Code Code is:
 "// Type your code"
This is a list of examples used on the Javascript Code code, collected from this workspace.