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Trading Mines Data

Trading Mines Data refers to data that is generated as a consequence of running a trading session, that is, data the trading bot instance generates while running backtesting, paper trading, forward testing, or live trading sessions.
Trading mines data is sorted by exchange, market, the corresponding trading session, and the corresponding trading mine, trading bot, and bot product. That is, most of the nodes in this section of the hierarchy play an organizational role.
Many of them require references to the nodes that delimit the context for which the data is applicable. For example, the exchange trading products node must reference one of the installed exchanges, in particular, the exchange on which the trading operation is run. These references help other entities understand the context to which the data belongs to.
Whenever you create trading tasks manually from within the Network hierarchy (as opposed to using the install market function under the exchange markets node of the Crypto Ecosystem hierarchy
Trading Mines Data Menu
The Trading Mines Data node has the following Node Menu items:
The Add Project Trading Products menu item has the following properties:
  • action: Add UI Object
  • actionFunction: payload.executeAction
  • actionProject: Visual-Scripting
  • relatedUiObjectProject: Foundations
The Add Missing Projects menu item has the following properties:
  • label: Add Missing Projects
  • askConfirmation: true
  • confirmationLabel: Confirm to Proceed
  • workDoneLabel: Done
  • actionFunction: payload.executeAction
  • relatedUiObjectProject: Foundations
The Delete menu item has the following properties:
  • action: Delete UI Object
  • actionProject: Visual-Scripting
  • askConfirmation: true
  • confirmationLabel: Confirm to Delete
  • label: Delete
  • iconPathOn: delete-entity
  • iconPathOff: delete-entity
  • actionFunction: payload.executeAction
Trading Mines Data Children
The Trading Mines Data node has the following childrenNodesProperties:
The Project Trading Products node property features the following properties:
  • name: projectTradingProducts
  • type: array
Trading Mines Data Attaching Rules
The following are the Node Attaching Rules that govern the attachment of Trading Mines Data with other nodes:
Compatible Types: