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Superalgos Review - The Most Powerful Trading System To Date (But Also the Most Complex)

Summary: Superalgos is by far the most powerful, intuitive, and flexible trading system available today. It's so much more than a traditional trading bot. The power and extensibility of this open-source marvel is mind-blowing. However, it's often said that nothing in life worth having is easy, and that's certainly true of Superalgos. You'll have to invest a lot of time and patience to learn a system that has more features than the newest Tesla. Is it worth it? Absolutely!
I stumbled across Superalgos a few month ago when I was researching free trading bots for cryptocurrency and saw a post about a new open-source trading system available through Github. It was the best find of my life. Although this system is very early in its development, it is already developed enough to allow complicated trading strategies to be implemented, and it has undergone massive improvement in just the short time I've been using it.
Superalgos is a visual, layered system. It taked object-oreineted technology to a new level never before seen in a user environment. Until now, you had to work for a multi-national finance enterprise to find this kind of sophistication in a software system. Put the time and effort into learning it, and you'll have unbelievable trading power at your fingertips. This system definitely give you the tools to implement profitable trading strategies in multiple markets and exchanges simultaneously, whether you use existing strategies (which are soon to come to this primordial system) or develop your own complex trading algorithms. Yet, you don't have to know programming to use it, but learming simple javascript commands, functions, and operators will help.
The most important thing to make Superalgos work for you is to take the time to learn as much about it as possible. First, do the'Welcome to Superalgos!'tutorial, and do it multiple times to catch the nuances you missed in previous reviews of the tutorial. Then do the'Install a New Market'tutorial and the trading system design tutorials (in a separate plug-in) multiple times. Finally go through the Users Manual in the documentation to learn about all the important features in this comprehensive software package.
This program is supported by a vibrant user and developer community on Telegram. Join it and ask any questions you might have to help you understand and progress through the system. Superalgos is a dynamic development system. If you see something missing or would like an enhancement, just ask, and if it makes sense, you may be surprised by how quickly it gets implemented.
Before you know it, you'll be able to develop custom trading indicators and sophisticated strategies that you can thoroughly test on untold markets and then share these profit-making tools with the rest of the Superalgos partnership.
Superalgos is a goldmine, and it can pay off like one if you put in the time and effort upfront, and colloborate with the community. Happy Trading!

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