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Conservative Moving Average

Summary: This indicator, as it’s name suggests, is a moving average that takes a conservative approach to it’s rate of change. It is less susceptible to volatile spikes, but is also slow to react to rapid changes in price action.
This indicator uses a 20 period value to calulate the moving average values.
It differs in calculation from the standard moving average as it only considers candle values within double the candle average at maximum, and half the average at its lowest.
Change the input to optimise it for your use case!
Most of Omega indicators can use different period values. To change periods:
  • Put the text marker in the edit box, and press Arrow Up until you reach the top of the code.
  • Look for "User defined values".
  • Enter the values of your choice.
Products, Properties & Examples
Product Name Product Variable Properties
Conservative Moving Average cma cma
 /* EXAMPLE */

//EMA1 is above EMA2
chart.at01hs.candle.close > chart.at01hs.cma.cma
EMA Crossing