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Data Mining - Data Dependencies

Summary: Indicator Bots have data dependencies. This means that they receive their input as Datasets created by other Bots.
Data Dependency Tree
You can think about data dependencies as a type of relationship between bots. Bots producing raw data (Sensor Bot and API Data Fetcher Bot) don't have them, since their job is to extract data from an external source. At the same time, they are also the root of the data dependancy tree of relationships. This tree is very similar to the execution tree but instead of describing how bots run, it describes how bots send and receive Data Products.
Defining Data Dependencies
The definition of data dependencias is held at the Process Definition level. Each process might have its own set of data dependencies. This means that a single bot may have many varying dependencies depending on the number of Process Definitions it contains.
The first declared dependency is called the Main Dependency and has a special meaning. It is used by the process of the Bot to iterate. What this means is that the process will loop over the Dataset of the Main Dependency to produce the output Dataset. All the other data dependencies will be used each iteration to extract additional data.
The Candles Data Mine is the most referenced Data Mine because it defines the Candles-Volumes Indicator Bot, that produces the most used information for trading systems: Candles.
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