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Data Mining - Dataset Types

Summary: Superalgos organizes data into datasets. These datasets are standardized across the system using different type definitions.
Dataset List
Dataset Types
This is the complete list of Dataset types currently supported by the system:
  • One-Min-Daily: This Dataset type organizes data in one file per day and, as the name suggests, expects the data itself to belong to time frames of one minute. This type of Dataset can not be plotted or its data consumed by Trading Strategies.
  • Multi-Time-Frame-Market: This Dataset type organizes data in only one file for each Time Frame ranging from 1 hour to 24 hours. That means that the whole market history will be stored in one single file for each time frame. For example candles of 1 hour for a certain market, will be stored in a single file. The data of this type of Dataset can be plotted and can be consumed by Trading Strategies.
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