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Data Mining - How to Build an Indicator - Video Series

Summary: This video series goes through the entire process of building an indicator, step by step.
This video series focuses on the “how to” aspect of building an indicator. It does not go through definitions nor does it explain the underlying concepts. Therefore, it is highly recommended to read the data mines page as well as the pages about indicator bots before attempting to build an indicator.
Step 1 - Visual Definitions
Setting up the Multi-Time-Frame-Market and Multi-Time-Frame-Daily process definitions, status and data dependencies, execution events, and dataset definitions for the main product.
Step 2 - Code & Record Definition
Reviewing common coding practice and configuring record properties and their formulas.
Step 3 - Testing & Troubleshooting
Setting up a data mining task to run the bot instance, checking the dataset files for errors, and troubleshooting common issues with the code and the process definitions.
Step 4 - Plotters
How to create the device that will interpret the dataset generated by the indicator and render a graphical representation over the charts.
Step 5 - Trading Bot Dependencies
Before you may use the new indicator on a trading system, you must create the corresponding dependencies on the Low frequency trading bot.
To call the properties of a new indicator from within the definitions of a trading system, you first need to let the Low Frequency trading bot that your data mine exists. To do this, you need to add the corresponding data dependencies at the trading bot’s Trading process definitions.
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