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Data Mining - Status Reports

Summary: Status Reports are files produced by each Bot's processes with key information the Bot needs to save in order to remember the next time it is run.
The Task Server Main Loop
Most Bots in Superalgos are run by the Task Server and implement a Main Loop. At each loop execution, bots do their job and at the end they go to sleep.
Status Report Mechanics
Before a bot goes to sleep, computer memory is flushed of all information related to the Bot. This is important to free up hardware resources for other bots running on the same machine. However, there is some information Bots need to remember between each execution of the Main Loop, and between executions of the Task itself. That info is stored in a JSON / text file called the Status Report. The name Status was used since the information stored is often the status of the Bot's process. Here is an example of a simple Status Report file:
"beginingOfMarket":"Wed, 01 Jan 2020 00:00:00 GMT"
Data Mining - Data Dependencies
Data Mining - Status Dependencies