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Summary: This indicator was originally developed by Brazilian technical analyst Odir "Didi" Aguiar. Also known as "Didi Needles". It is considered as a Brazilian MACD.
DIDI on the Charts
The DIDI indicator consists of three moving averages. The differences between these moving averages are then calculated to produce the long and short indicator values shown on the chart.
Key Takeaways:
  • Used in a similar way to the MACD, a crossing of the short signal over the long signal indicates a potential upward price reversal, and vice versa.
Products & Properties
The following properties are available to access:
Product Name Product Variable Properties
DIDI didi value, signal
The length of the indicator's moving average can be changed by locating and opening the Javascript Code under Data Building Procedure -> Procedure Loop under "DIDI" Procedure Loop.
This indicator can be used to enter a trade when the value rises above the signal:
 chart.at01hs.didi.value > chart.at01hs.didi.signal
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