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Directional Movement Index (DMI) - Zeus Indicator

Summary: Measure the strength and direction.
Directional Movement Index (DMI) on the Charts
According to Investopedia, the DMI is an indicator that can “measure the strength and direction of a price movement so traders may avoid false signals. The DMI is two different standard indicators, one negative and one positive, that are plotted as lines on the same chart. A third line, the average directional index, or ADX, is non-directional but shows movement strength.”
According to Investopedia, “The ADX is used to indicate market direction, the existence or nonexistence of a trend and market momentum. Market direction is determined by the levels of the +DI and -DI. If +DI is the higher number, market direction is up; if -DI is the greater number, market direction is down. The ADX indicator, which varies in value from zero to 100, is the primary momentum indicator. A value over 20 indicates the existence of a trend; a value over 40 indicates a strong trend.”
Standard parameters:
  • Value for DI Length = 14
  • Value for ADX Smoothing = 14
I made it easy to change the parameters needed for the calculation as per your needs. Locate and open the Javascript Code under Data Building Procedure -> Procedure Loop under “DMI Directional Movement” Product Definition.
Directional Movement Index (DMI) Products & Properties
There are three properties available:
Product Name Product Variable Properties
DMI DMI plusDI, minusDI, adx
Basic strategies can be built by checking if plusDI is greater than minusDI:
 chart.at04hs.DMI.adx < 20
There is no clear trend.
 chart.at04hs.DMI.plusDI > chart.at04hs.DMI.minusDI
Trend is up.
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