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Summary: The Docs feature seven categories of pages: Node, Concept, Topic, Tutorial, Review,Book and Workspace. Each category is represented by a tab in the Docs Search Results.
Node Page Category
Each Node defined in the context of a Project features a Docs Node Page explaining what the Node is and how it is used. This is the page that opens when clicking the help button in the menu of the node.
Concept Page Category
Concepts are notions or ideas that are not represented as nodes in a hierarchy. Pages in the concept category cover notions or ideas that may be explained in a single page. That is, concepts are notions that may be covered exhaustively on a single page.
Topic Page Category
Topics are multi-faceted, deep concepts that require more than one page to be correctly addressed. Topics are sets of closely related concepts, arranged in a sequence. However, is not a page in and of itself. Instead, it is a collection of pages.
Tutorial Page Category
A Tutorial hierarchy may arrange different types of nodes including Tutorial Topic and Tutorial Step nodes. Each node in the hierarchy points to a Tutorial Step Page in the Docs from which it draws information. In the context of the Docs, pages in a tutorial are arranged in a sequence, like with topics.
Reviews Page Category
Reviews are user-generated content describing their experience with certain components of Superalgos or other projects.
Books Page Category
A books is a page in and of itself. The page features a list of topics each constituting a chapter in the book.
Workspace Page Category
The "Workspace" tab does not actually display a docs page but content from the workspaces. It is a possibility to search trough workspaces with a keyword. It shows all nodes which are related to the keyword. Make a query in the search bar with a keyword you like (e.g. "market") and have a look at the Workspace Category.
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