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Double Super Trend

Summary: Identifies market trends comparing two different Supertrend
Double Super Trend
Double Supertrend makes use of two classic Supertrend indicator. Explanation of what is a Supertrend indicator can be found under Zeus - Supertrend Indicator.
Users can set up two different Supertrend using different parameters both for lenght and for factor. Usually the cross between two Supertrends can be used to signal and entry/exit from the market.
Double Super Trend Products & Properties
There are ten properties available, five for the first Supertrend and five for the secon one.
trendFirst, uptrendFirst, downtrendFirst, atrNPeriodFirst, trueRangeFirst
trendSecond, uptrendSecond, downtrendSecond, atrNPeriodSecond, trueRangeSecond
Standard output for the trend property is:
Trend value is 1 if in an uptrend and -1 if in a downtrend.
Basic strategies can be built using the value of the trend or checking for crosses between the two Supertrends:
chart.at03min.doubleSuperTrend.trendFirst =='1'
chart.at03min.doubleSuperTrend.trendSecond =='1'
An uptrend market is identified.
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