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Summary: This script, originally made by javabgar on TradingView, translates the Heikin Ashi Candles over to an RSI oscillator, and includes Bollinger Bands to show clear trends in the market.
HARSI-BB On the Charts
The HARSI-BB indicator uses the RSI as it's basis to show strength in a price trend. It then calculates the standard deviation to create a Bollinger Band style plot around the RSI values.
Buy and Sell zones are then set up at the 30 and 70 lines respectively.
A Heikin Ashi style histogram is then plotted using the RSI function as an input. This provides a potential buy/sell signal when the candles enter the respective zones.
The parameters of the HARSI-BB can be changed by locating and opening the Javascript Code under Data Building Procedure -> Procedure Loop under "HARSI-BB" Product Definition.
HARSI Products & Properties
Product Setting Product Variable Properties
HARSI-BB harsi-bb rsi, HaOpen, HaClose, HaMax, HaMin, avg, upper1, upper2, lower1, lower2
A simple strategy can be built by entering a trade when the HA histogram enters the buy zone at 30 and then leaves it again:
 chart.at15min.harsi-bb.previous.HaClose < 30 && chart.at15min.harsi-bb.HaClose > 0
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