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Heikin Ashi Supertrend - Heikin Indicator

Summary: Produce the supertrend indicator using the Heikin Ashi Candles as a basis for its calcuations.
Heikin Ashi Supertrend On the Charts
A supertrend is a trend following indicator similar to moving averages. It is plotted on price and the current trend can simply be determined by its placement; a green lin below the price action is an uptrend, and a red line above the price action is a downtrend.
This supertrend indicator uses Heikin Ashi candles instead of standard candles to calculate the average true range (ATR) before calculating the final trend values.
To change the parameters needed for the calculation as per your needs, locate and open the Javascript Code under Data Building Procedure -> Procedure Loop under "Super Trend Heikin" Product Definition. The two configurable parameters are:
  • Nperiod: the ATR length
  • multiplier: the ATR multiplier
Heikin Super Trend Products & Properties
There are five properties available:
Product Name Product Variable Properties
Super Trend Heikin HeikinsuperTrend trend, uptrend, downtrend, atrNPeriod, trueRange
 chart.at01hs.HeikinsuperTrend.trend == 1
Trend is downward, and price action remains under the trendline:
 chart.at15min.HeikinsuperTrend.trend == -1 && ( chart.at15min.candle.max < chart.at15min.HeikinsuperTrend.downtrend)
Heikin Ashi Candles - Heikin Indicator