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How to Contribute Themes

Summary: If you created a cool theme for Superalgos, submit it as a contribution so that others may use it too!
The Basics
To submit a theme, you must create a Docs Page in the corresponding Topic of the Community Themes Book.
Charting Space Themes
There are three different categories of themes you may submit: Dark, Light, and Color Vision Deficiency themes. Each category is featured on a separate topic and chapter in the book.
The Docs Page you will create must feature three sections:
  • Author: Write your User Profile name, that is, you Github.com user name.
  • Images: Add as many screen captures of your theme as you like. If you're not familiar with embedding images, check the Docs Png Style page.
Add Docs Page Syntax
For your convenience, find below the three different versions of the Docs Add Command that you will need to create a page on each of the available categories.
  • Dark Themes:
 docs.add Topic to Foundations: Dark Charting Space Themes->yourThemeName->nextPageNumber
  • Light Themes:
 docs.add Topic to Foundations: Light Charting Space Themes->yourThemeName->nextPageNumber
  • Color Vision Deficiency Themes:
 docs.add Topic to Foundations: Color Vision Deficiency Charting Space Themes->yourThemeName->nextPageNumber
Foundations->Concept->Reusable Snippets->Contributions Reminder
Switch Branches and Update Before You Start
All contributions to the Docs and plugins must be submitted to the Develop branch. All contributions to the code base must be submitted to the Develop branch too. Make sure you update to the latest version on the new branch and that everything you are submitting works properly in that version.
Switch Branches
To switch to branches:
  • Go to the footer of this page (scroll down).
  • Then select Develop or Master under the Choose the Current Branch title.
  • Follow the instructions to close and restart the app.
Update to the Latest Version
  • Now close the app and restart.
Beyond the Basics Tutorial
Before you go any further, do the Beyond the Basics tutorial in the Getting Started Native Workspaces so that you learn the basics on how to deal with contributions from within the app. The tutorial will help you get your setup right so that contributions are seamless.
How to Contribute Tutorials