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How to Contribute to the Docs

Summary: Helping with keeping the Docs up to date, improving the delivery of the information, expanding on explanations, or simply fixing typos and grammar mistakes makes for a better user experience and lowers entry barriers for new users.
Join the Docs Group to coordinate efforts with other contributors:
Please, introduce yourself and get up to speed with the group currently doing the work. The main coordination efforts involve planning the documentation of new functionality or discussing which sections of the Docs need a revision.
Foundations->Concept->Reusable Snippets->Contributions Reminder
Switch Branches and Update Before You Start
All contributions to the Docs and plugins must be submitted to the Develop branch. All contributions to the code base must be submitted to the Develop branch too. Make sure you update to the latest version on the new branch and that everything you are submitting works properly in that version.
Switch Branches
To switch to branches:
  • Go to the footer of this page (scroll down).
  • Then select Develop or Master under the Choose the Current Branch title.
  • Follow the instructions to close and restart the app.
Update to the Latest Version
  • Now close the app and restart.
Beyond the Basics Tutorial
Before you go any further, do the Beyond the Basics tutorial in the Getting Started Native Workspaces so that you learn the basics on how to deal with contributions from within the app. The tutorial will help you get your setup right so that contributions are seamless.
Logistics and Best Practice
There may be several people contributing to the Docs at any point in time. To minimize the occurrence of conflicts at the time of merging your contributions into the Superalgos repository, the following practices are highly recommended.
  • Update your app frequently so that you incorporate recent changes other users may have submitted. Use the app.update command for that as explained above.
  • Do not keep changes locally for too long. Split your work and submit your contributions every day.
When you run the App Contribute Command, a Pull Request is created at your fork. The Superalgos repo maintainers will look into your submission and determine if it may be merged as is, or if the work requires any adjustments.
  • Keep track of your contributions until they are merged.
  • Stay responsive if there is any feedback or requests from maintainers.
  • Be attentive to emails you may get from GitHub.com
Learn All About the Docs and the Art of Documenting
You probably have an idea of how the Docs work from using the app and doing the first few tutorials. If you intend to contribute the occasional small fixes on existing pages, you probably know enough to start contributing!
However, if you wish to get involved in documenting new functionality, reorganizing topics, arranging books, and so on, you should definitely read The Docs Explained book. Pay special attention to the last chapter: The Art of Documenting.
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