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Initial Setup - Node is not Recognized as an Internal or External Command

Summary: Make sure Node JS is properly installed and that you are running the commando from within the correct folder.
Have You Installed Node JS?
The Download and Set Up guide walks you through the process of installing Node JS, an open-source server environment required to run Superalgos. Make sure you have installed the software correctly. Double-check in case the installation hasn’t finished yet.
Are you running the command from the correct folder?
Make sure you run the command from within the Superalgos-master folder.
Test if Node JS is installed
Run the command...
 node --version
... to test if Node JS is installed. If Node JS is installed, the system should return a version number. If it doesn’t, please install Node JS again.
How to Upgrade Your Existing Installation
Initial Setup - Superalgos Failed to Connect Via Websockets