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Kucoin Orderbook and Spread Indicator

Summary: The Kucoin Orderbook indicator polls Kucoin's API to pull the latest data from the BTC orderbook and processes this data.
Kucoin Orderbook on the Charts
The data pulled from Kucoin's Orderbook API includes the following information:
  • Bid Price: 20 zones of bid price is returned.
  • Ask Price: 20 zones of ask price is returned.
  • Bid Depth: 20 zones of bid depth is returned.
  • Ask Depth: 20 zones of ask depth is returned.
The spread is then calculated using the difference between bid and ask price, as well bid and ask depth.
A small exponential moving average, of length 10 is then applied to the spread and made available.
The API by default runs every 30 seconds but can be changed to run as often as needed.
To install this indicator, both the data mine and API map needs to be installed.
Indicator Products & Properties
Product Setting Product Variable Properties
Orderbook orderbook bp1-bp20, ap1-ap20, bd1-bd20, ad1-ad20
Spread spread spread, ema
An example to access the data is as follows:
 chart.at24hs.Fear-And-Greed-Indicator.value    // returns an integer
chart.at24hs.Fear-And-Greed-Indicator.value_classification    // returns a string, eg: "Extreme Fear", "Neutral", "Greed"
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