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Layer Managers

Summary: Layer Managers organize layers and link up to the data products to be displayed on the charts.
Foundations->Node->Layer Manager->Definition
The layer manager determines which layers will be visible on the corresponding timeline chart.
Foundations->Node->Layer Manager->Content
In other words, you use the layers manager node to configure which data products you wish to be made available for visualization purposes on the charts, in particular, on a specific timeline chart to which the layers manager node is attached to.
Foundations->Concept->Reusable Snippets->Note for Hierarchy Tables
A layer represents a reference to a data product in the data storage node of the network hierarchy. Conceptually, it means that a certain data product, which exists in a certain location on the network, holds the data to be rendered on the charts.
To set up a layer, you need to establish a reference with the data product of your choice.
Bot Layers
Foundations->Node->Bot Layers->Definition
The Bot Layers node is an organizational device used to group layers originating on a specific bot.
Layer Folder
Foundations->Node->Layer Folder->Definition
The Layer Folder node is a device used to facilitate the organization of layers, particularly when a single bot produces many of them.