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LF Trading Bot - Chart Data Structure

Summary: The Chart Data Structure is an object that contains Indicator Bot or Sensor Bot data available at runtime, and can be accessed from the code of Conditions and Formulas.
  • The root of the object is...
  • After the root, the definition of the timeframe is mandatory...
 at01min, at02min ... at45min, at01hs ... at24hs
Advanced Use
You also have access to the set of indicator objects loaded in memory through this same data structure.
If instead of using the singleVariableName you use the pluralVariableName, you get an array of objects that — depending on the time frame — could be the object featuring the whole market (for time frames of one hour and above) or the current and previous day (for time frames below one hour).
The above returns an array of candles of the previous days concatenated with the candles of the current day. You may use this information as you wish.
The above returns an array of all bollingerBands object of the whole market since the time frame is above 1 hour.
Foundations->Concept->Dependency Filter->Explanation
What is the Dependency Filter?
The Dependency Filter is a mechanism that analyzes the code of all conditions, formulas and Study Bots in order to get from the code which data dependencies need to be loaded at the bot once ran. The procedure scans every line of code in search for the exchange, market or chart objects and once it finds them, it then breaks it down to understand which product will be needed for the bot. These filters are needed in order to prevent the bot to load all dependency files at all time frames when at the code many of these files are evidently not used.
A Dependency Filter is a list of Indicators and Studies a Strategy depends on, that is later used to filter out all the other indicators and studies the Trading Bot depends on.
The function will scan a node branch, most likely a Trading System, looking into the code property of each node. It will analyze it's content and try to make a list of all indicators and studies mentioned at the code text and at which time frames they are mentioned.
It is important to note that all nodes that are not of the type Procedure Javascript, Javascript Code or Formula are going to be ignored.
These are instructions that the Dependency Filter will recognize without any problems:
market.BTC.USDT.chart.at01hs.popularSMA.sma200 - market.ETC.USDT.chart.at01hs.popularSMA.sma100 < 10
If you removed spaces between instructions then the Dependency Filter might get confused and you will get an undefined value for the indicator you are trying to use.
Advance Use
Inside a commented area of the code you can write something like this:
The valid keyworks are:
LF Trading Bot - Market Data Structure

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