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Probabilities: Sigma

Summary: This is an indicator that uses the Typical Price (TP), Moving Average (MA) of 200 periods and Standard Deviation to calculate it's output value.
Sigma on the Charts
This indicator produces an output value, Z, by using the Typical Price, the 200MA and the sigma (standard deviation) value.
  • Typical Price: this is calculated using the following formula: (candle.max + candle.min + candle.close) / 3
  • Sigma: The sigma value is calculated by finding the standard deviation of the past price action (defaulting to 200 periods).
  • Z Value: The z value is then calculated by finding the difference between the current candle.close and the 200MA, then dividing result by the sigma value: z = (TP - MA) / sigma
The length of the calculation can be changed by locating and opening the Javascript Code under Data Building Procedure -> Procedure Loop under ’Sigma_Probabilities’ Product Definition.
Products & Properties
The following properties are available to access:
Product Name Product Variable Properties
Sigma_Probabilities ProdSigma Z
A simple buy signal could be triggered when the signal line crosses the red -2.34 line from below:
 chart.at01hs.ProdSigma.previous.Z < -2.34 && chart.at01hs.ProdSigma.Z > -2.34
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