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Tested Exchanges Native Workspace

Summary: This workspace features the collection of Crypto Exchange nodes corresponding to exchanges that have been or are currently being tested. Use this workspace if you intend to test new exchanges.
Testing Workflow
The Crypto Ecosystem hierarchy features five different Crypto Exchanges nodes reflecting the status of the tests of each of the exchanges.
  • Untested: Exchanges for which there is no recorded history of tests.
  • Testing Queue: Exchanges that developers are currently testing.
  • Failed OHLCVs Tests: Exchanges that were tested but failed to serve OHLCV data in the expected manner. Exchanges in this queue are not usable at the moment. Further efforts may be required to put them to work.
  • Trading Tests Pending: Exchanges that have passed the OHLCV tests (are able to serve data in the manner Superalgos expects it) and are awaiting live trading tests.
  • Tested: Exchanges that have been tested for data-mining and live trading, and that everyone should be able to use without hassle.
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