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Triple Arnaud Legoux Moving Average (ALMA)

Summary: This indicator contains three ALMA products. For more information on the Arnaud Legoux moving average (ALMA) indicator, see the previous topic.
This indicator uses 3 separate ALMA signals:
  • ALMA 1: window: 9, sigma: 6, offset: 0.85
  • ALMA 2: window: 14, sigma: 6, offset: 0.85
  • ALMA 3: window: 25, sigma: 6, offset: 0.85
Change the input to optimise it for your use case!
Most of Omega indicators can use different period values. To change periods:
  • Put the text marker in the edit box, and press Arrow Up until you reach the top of the code.
  • Look for "User defined values".
  • Enter the values of your choice.
Products, Properties & Examples
Product Name Product Variable Properties
Triple ALMA tripleALMA alma01, alma02, alma03
 /* EXAMPLE */

// Candle close is above ALMA trend.
chart.at01hs.candle.close > chart.at01hs.ALMA.alma01
//ALMA 2 is above ALMA3
chart.at01hs.ALMA.alma02 > chart.at01hs.ALMA.alma03
Arnaud Legoux Moving Average (ALMA)
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