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Tutorial Step - Breakdown of the BBs

Summary: Weak-hands Buster is based on the idea that a breakdown of the BB may predict a deepening of a downtrend and some reversals.
I just brought you to April 10th, 2020 to check a case of a breakdown of the bands. See what happens at the following candles:
  • 04 hs: A candle closes below the lower band at 7.176 USDT.
  • 05 hs: A second candle closes below the band at 7.140 USDT.
  • 06 hs: A more serious drop follows, accentuating the price action seen earlier.
  • 16 hs: Ten hours after the first breakdown, the lowest hourly close of the day marks 6.766 USDT, more than 6% below.
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