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Other Governance Workspaces

Summary: The term refers to project-specific Governance Workspaces, as opposed to the main Token Distribution Superalgos Governance Workspace. Project-specific workspaces have a similar layout, as different projects usually have the same kinds of Assets, Features, Positions, and Pools categories.
User Profiles
Scope of Definitions
  • A project-specific Pools hierarchy (for instance, Foundation-Project or Education-Project) defining pools for the main areas of the software, including pools for assets, features, positions, bug fixes, and improvements.
  • A project-specific Pools hierarchy for assets (for instance, Foundations-Project-Assets or Education-Project-Assets), providing a more granular definition of various pools for several categories of assets, such as user interface, task server, app schemas, custom code, education, multi media and plugins.
  • A project-specific Positions hierarchy (for instance Foundation-Project or Education-Project) defining positions such as the project's lead developer or bug hunters.
  • A project-specific Features hierarchy (for instance, Foundation-Project or Education-Project) usually defining project-specific features.
Several project-specific Assets hierarchies defining multiple categories of assets, such as:
  • Images,
  • Docs,
  • App Schemas,
  • Custom Code
Token Distribution Superalgos Governance Workspace