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The Airdrop Program

Summary: Superalgos does an airdrop on each release of the software! We wish to welcome you and everyone in the Community onboard and grant you your first few tokens so that you may participate in governance.
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We don't like meaningless airdrops. But what if airdrops bring users a step closer to participating in governance? The Airdrops program incentivises users to take the first step: creating and submitting a User Profile.
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The Airdrop program distributes the Rewards Pool defined under the Governance Programs > Onboarding Programs section of the Superalgos Pools hierarchy.
Spawning the Airdrop Program and submitting your User Profile is the sole requirement to receive the airdropped tokens and is — at the same time — the first step to participate in governance and contribute to the project.
The program distributes the Rewards Pool evenly to all existing profiles, with a cap of SA 1,000 per profile, on each release!
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