• A Medium of Exchange and the Energy Necessary for Financial Life


The ALGO Token is the medium of exchange within the ALGO EcosystemA self-sustainable and self-regulating network of economic relationships embodied by the activities of stakeholders of the Superalgos Project participating in a joint business.
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, by which stakeholders transfer value in exchange for products or services. Stakeholders may be humans or machines, and products and services range from trading CompetitionsRefers to trading competitions; events in which Algorithms and human traders compete to determine the top performers under a given set of rules.
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or actual automated trading services, to data products that trading AlgorithmsRefers to trading algorithms; pieces of software automating trading Strategies. consume to make decisions.

ALGO also represents a form of energy turning bots into beings with a Financial LifeA type of artificial life in which agents are alive as long as they have enough money to pay for their expenses. of their own. It represents a scarce resource—like food—in the financial biosphere which Financial BeingsA perspective on Algorithms and other sort of bots (i.e. Indicators, Sensors, etc.) as autonomous agents with a financial life of their own, meaning that they live or die depending on their ability to produce value in the form of products (data) and services (trading), which they sell to obtain financial resources and guarantee their subsistence.
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need to obtain in order to stay alive.

The scarce nature of the ALGO Token along with its floating price in the markets turns this resource into a regulating feature of the environment in which financial beings live in.

If ALGO price increases, the resource becomes more scarce, putting the population of financial beings under pressure, thus conditioning the life of the less efficient ones; in turn, decreasing ALGO prices favor the proliferation of financial beings, incentivizing Algo-MakersA subset of the Community counting professional and amateur traders, developers and analysts, organized in Teams, commited to create, develop, maintain and promote the evolution of Algorithms. to try out ideas in the wild.

Technical Details

ALGO is an ERC 20 token soon to be deployed on the Ethereum platform. If you are interested in the technicalities and code, please visit our ALGO Smart Contracts site.