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Superalgos is an open community working towards a common goal: to succeed at trading crypto. No matter how you got here or what your skill set is, you can help, build your reputation, and directly benefit in the process!

  • Information Systems Engineer, MBA, former Hewlett Packard and General Motors; in crypto since 2017.

Matías Benitez

Early code
  • Bitcoin entrepreneur, tech-visionary, crypto-trader, systems architect, blockchain developer; in crypto since 2011.

Ira Miller

Visionary advice
  • Entrepreneur, Mechanical Engineer specialized in nuclear reactors, Master in Business Administration, in crypto since 2018.

Eduardo Remis

Testing & Data Mines
  • Master's degree in Private Law (Université Libre de Bruxelles), track record in capital markets & corporate law, crypto finance and distributed trust networks; in crypto since 2016.

Jeff Braun

Legal advice
  • Web developer, vision-based brand consultant, graphic designer, UX/UI designer; in crypto since 2017.

Barry Low

Early code & Branding
  • Hacker, web developer; in crypto since 2018.

Nikola Bjelogrlic

Early code