• A medium of exchange and the energy necessary for financial life

The Intelli Token has not been implemented yet. This page refers to a future state of affairs.
Progress Log & Roadmap


The Intelli Token is the medium of exchange within the Intelli EcosystemA self-sustainable and self-regulating network of economic relationships embodied by the activities of stakeholders of the Superalgos Project participating in a joint business.
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, by which stakeholders transfer value in exchange for products or services. Stakeholders may be humans or machines. Products and services range from trading CompetitionsRefers to trading competitions; events in which Algorithms and human traders compete to determine the top performers under a given set of rules. or automated trading services to data products that trading AlgorithmsRefers to trading algorithms; pieces of software automating trading Strategies. consume to make decisions.

Intelli also represents a form of energy turning bots into beings with a Financial LifeA type of artificial life in which agents are alive as long as they have enough money to pay for their expenses.. It represents a scarce resource—like food—in the financial biosphere which Financial BeingsA perspective on Algorithms and other sort of bots (i.e. Indicators, Sensors, etc.) as autonomous agents with a financial life of their own, meaning that they live or die depending on their ability to produce value in the form of products (data) and services (trading), which they sell to obtain financial resources and guarantee their subsistence.
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need to obtain to stay alive.

The scarce nature of the Intelli Token along with its floating price in the markets turns this resource into a regulating feature of the environment in which financial beings live in.

If Intelli price increases, the resource becomes more scarce, putting the population of financial beings under pressure, thus conditioning the life of the less efficient ones. Decreasing Intelli prices favor the proliferation of financial beings, incentivizing Algo-MakersA subset of the Community counting professional and amateur traders, developers and analysts, organized in Teams, commited to create, develop, maintain and promote the evolution of Algorithms. to try out new ideas in the wild.


Specific Use Cases
Automate Trading
  • Paying for computational resources rented at a Superalgos NodeA software package containing the Superalgos Platform freely available for deployment on user's servers / computers.
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    , like processing time, memory and storage;

  • Paying for Data ServicesParticipants of the ALGO Ecosystem may offer datasets to be consumed by other participants, including but not limited to sentiment data from various origins, trades and volume data extracted from Exchanges or other external sources, or processed data in the form of indicators; these are all referred to as Data Services. provided by Algo-Makers;

Evolve Trading Intelligence
  • Paying for Official CompetitionsRefers to trading competitions sanctioned and audited by the Superalgos Project, awarding reputation to participants according to their position in the rankings.
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    TicketsCompetitions may require participants to pay an Entry Ticket, that is, a fee paid to access the service and be eligible to win Competition Prizes.
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  • Paying for Official Competition PrizesCompetitions may award prizes to incentivize participation.
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Make Intelligence Accessible
  • Paying for Trading ServicesParticipants of the ALGO Ecosystem may offer automated trading services or automated signals services generated by algorithms or various methods of data analysis, in the form of subscriptions or any other means of commerce; these are all referred to as Trading Services. provided by Algo-Makers at the Marketplace;

  • Paying for Asset Management ServicesAsset Managers are companies or individuals, and their services may vary in terms of sophistication according to the size of capitals they manage, usually involving investment advice and management. provided by Asset Managers at the Marketplace;

  • ExchangesA trading platform for crypto-assets. While Competitions, Algorithms and the Marketplace run on the Superalgos Network, the actual trading occurs directly at Exchanges. pay Bundled Volume DiscountsExchanges charge Transaction Fees on every trade, and usually offer discounts to clients trading substantial volumes. The agreement with Exchanges provisions for all of the volume originating at federated nodes to be bundled and computed for additional discounts on top of the discounts each Exchange grants to individual accounts within the said Exchange. Bundled-Volume Discounts are automatically distributed back to Node Operators of federated nodes on a pro-rata basis of the volume contributed to the bundle. Node Operators may choose to pass on the benefit to the users of the node, as a means to promote the use of the said node., back to Node Operators.

Technical Details

Intelli is an ERC 20 token soon to be deployed on the Ethereum platform. If you are interested in the technicalities and code, please visit our Intelli Smart Contracts repository.