• The Superalgos Project is
    the quest for a Collective Trading Intelligence

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The Superalgos Project

A Quest for a Collective Trading Intelligence

We are an open-source project with the vision of a superior trading intelligence evolving within an open global collaboration of humans and machines, at the service of all people. We build towards our vision with a bottom-up approach, and are currently delivering Stage 1.

Stage 1:
Automate Trading

In stage 1, we empower traders with free, open-source tools that enable comprehensive trading automation, superior data mining, unique data visualization, and effective collaboration. This stage will see the growth of the CommunityThe collaboration of an open and heterogeneous group participating in the Superalgos Project. and culture of cooperation in trading—an essential trait that will set the foundations for an effective Collective Trading Intelligence.

Stage 2:
Evolve Trading Intelligence

Stage 2 is about engaging the Community in an evolutionary model. AlgorithmsRefers to trading algorithms; pieces of software automating trading strategies. participate in CompetitionsIn the future, the Superalgos Project will promote trading competitions; events in which automated strategies and human traders compete to determine the top performers under a given set of rules. for cash prizes, producing a key shift in incentives. Winner Algorithms are open-sourced, disseminating knowledge right after each Competition. The collective improves the winners and puts them back to compete again, triggering an accelerated evolutionary process.

Stage 3:
Make Intelligence Accessible

In stage 3, then counting with highly-evolved Algorithms, the project will deploy a Trading Intelligence Marketplace over a permissionless peer-to-peer network. Investors of all sizes will hire Asset Management Services from providers within the network, which, in turn, will rent the trading intelligence evolving within the Community to manage investors' funds.

Project Status

Realising our vision, step by step

Superalgos was born in the summer of 2017. After conceptualizing an ambitious, multi-stage project around our vision, we started delivering stage 1—the core technology—in incremental steps. This is a brief account of the project's achievements.

In June 2020, the project released the fifth beta version of Superalgos incorporating several new features: a visual conditions editor to make life easier for non-coders while building strategies; a snapshot function that captures all relevant information of trades in a session and makes it available in a CSV file to be analyzed in spreadsheet software; a new debug button that allows developers to seamlessly debug tasks; and the functionality to handle multiple workspaces from within the system.

Additionally, the project released BB Top Bounce, a second-generation trading system featuring eight hyper-specialized strategies for the BTC - USDT market. Adding further to the open-source intelligence available to the community, a new Resistance & Support indicator was added to the Masters data mine.

In May 2020, Superalgos released the fourth beta version of the software turning Superalgos into a distributed system running over a network of nodes, with central management.

With Beta 4, data mining and trading tasks may be distributed over multiple machines, and the whole trading operation may be managed from any node in the network, giving birth to the concept of Crypto Trading Farms.

In April 2020, Superalgos released the third beta version of the software lifting the self-imposed limitation of trading on a single exchange and a single market. The software was therefore open to a list of more than 120 cryptocurrency exchanges supported by the CCXT Library.

The upgrade included a complete redesign of the charting space enabling the setup of dashboards with mutiple charts, and the ability to combine and syncronize data from different exchanges, markets and time frames within time machines. The new version of the software featured a more robust infrastructure, with many optimizations to improve performance and reliability.

A few weeks after Beta 1 was released, and before the end of 2019, the project released Superalgos Beta 2 featuring plotters: built-in, zero-coding required data visualization tools.

Plotters read data produced by other bots and create customized graphic overlays on top of the charts, in all time frames, complementing the data-mining tools released earlier the same month.

After multiple alpha pre-releases, in December 2019, the project released the first beta-stage version of Superalgos. At this stage, the software had been successfully trading live for a few months.

The first beta release version counted with a robust infrastructure implementing the architecture that would allow it to grow in stages to come. It also featured extensive functionality, like:

  • Complete strategy automation, standardized to comply with the Superalgos Trading Protocol, with smart access to all charts and dynamically managed stop loss and take profit targets.

  • Four versatile execution modes: backtesting, paper-trading, forward-testing and live-trading.

  • Robust, minimal-coding data mining features allowing the processing of market data and standard indicators into custom studies—stored as new custom datasets—that strategies may consume.

In August 2019, the project pre-released an alpha-stage version of Superalgos, a piece of open-source, free software that allowed traders to automate StrategiesA set of actions occurring in stages, designed to achieve a specific goal within a broader plan, via executing trades. In the context of Superalgos, strategies are defined within Trading Systems. and deploy them as AlgorithmsRefers to trading algorithms; pieces of software automating trading strategies. to trade live in a fully automated fashion, directly from user's accounts at the Exchange.

The software implemented the Superalgos Trading Protocol, making automation of simple and complex strategies possible, with virtually zero coding requirements.

Rules were defined with simple mathematical statements defining conditions, situations and formulas.

The alpha-stage pre-release featured basic backtesting capabilities, however, the first few successful trend-following strategies were built with this early version, proving its worth and prospects.

The MVP was delivered in pre-alpha stage in October 2018, consisting of a platform running bots in the cloud and on the browser, in live trading, competition and backtesting modes.

The MVP included functionality to run basic competitions, handling users, teams and API exchange keys.

It also included several bots, with a sensor connected to Poloniex, several indicators and a trading bot.

The platform featured a visualization engine rendering bots' actions and datasets over a graphic timeline. Debugging of code and strategies was done directly in the browser.

The Superalgos ProjectAn open community together with its body of work, implementing a framework to enable a superior trading intelligence evolving within an open global collaboration of humans and machines, at the service of all people. started in the summer of 2017 with founder Luis Fernando Molina, a visionary entrepreneur and systems architect with a track record in fintech developing mission-critical systems for banks.

His brother Julian joined him before the end of the year to help conceptualize, organize, document and drive the project.

Together, they set up a Core Team that contributed to developing an MVP.

The story of the inception of the project was documented by the brothers in a two-articles series published on Hacker Noon: Superalgos & The Trading Singularity, and Superalgos: Building a Trading Supermind.