• A Team on a Mission: to Trigger the Era of Superalgos

The Core Team

The Core Team was assembled during the first two years of the life of the Superalgos ProjectAn open community together with its body of work, implementing a framework to enable a superior trading intelligence evolving within an open global collaboration of humans and machines, at the service of all people.. It is tasked, among many other things, with bootstrapping the project.

  • Visionary entrepreneur, systems architect, 15 years in fintech developing mission-critical systems for banks; in crypto since 2013.

Luis Molina

Teams: Development, Business, Marketing
  • Pro-trader in Goldman Sachs & UBS, Portfolio Manager, cross-asset trading, equity derivatives, FX and options; in crypto since 2016.

Andreja Cobeljic

Teams: Business
  • Bitcoin entrepreneur, tech-visionary, crypto-trader, systems architect, blockchain developer; in crypto since 2011.

Ira Miller

Teams: Development
  • Information Systems Engineer, MBA, former Hewlett Packard and General Motors; in crypto since 2017.

Matías Benitez

Teams: Development
  • Web developer, vision-based brand consultant, graphic designer, UX/UI designer; in crypto since 2017.

Barry Low

Teams: Development, Marketing
  • Hacker, web developer; in crypto since 2018.

Nikola Bjelogrlic

Teams: Development
  • UX/UI Developer, track record producing visual arts, multimedia design, interfaces and UX design for the likes of NASA, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Ford, TNT and General Motors.

Robert Brown

Teams: Development, Marketing
  • Master's degree in Private Law (Université Libre de Bruxelles), track record in capital markets & corporate law, crypto finance and distributed trust networks; in crypto since 2016.

Jeff Braun

Teams: Legal
  • Lifelong entrepreneur in fintech, arts, design, engineering and manufacturing; in crypto since 2016.

Julian Molina

Teams: Business, Marketing, Management