• The Foundational Principles Guiding the Superalgos Project

Our Vision

A superior trading intelligence evolving within an open global collaboration of humans and machines, at the service of all people.

Our Mission

To trigger the Era of Superalgos, a collective trading intelligence that shall disrupt and outperform the reigning investments management model.

Our Culture

We are a collective organization embracing openness, collaboration and integrity as the basis of our working relationship. As a collective, we share a common fate, thus we will go through failure and success together, each of us in command of our area of responsibility.

We strive to grow in diversity and achieve balance on every possible human variable, as a means to reflect the openness of the project and augment its collective intelligence.

We make our voice heard by adding value and earning the recognition of our peers.

We commit to subject our work to the forces of evolution, welcoming change and new needs as drivers of our collective improvement.

We pledge to defend and protect the ALGO EcosystemA self-sustainable and self-regulating network of economic relationships embodied by the activities of stakeholders of the Superalgos Project participating in a joint business.
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, as a means to consolidate the sense of collective ownership of all participants.