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The Best Copy Trading Crypto Signals

Premium Trading Signals by the Superalgos Community

Superalgos power users compete to produce the best trading signals so that you may use them for copy trading or to enhance your strategies. While commercial copy trading platforms are shamelessly after your money, our crypto signals are free, and are the result of honest, collaborative work by an open-source community.

Copy Trading Platform
  • Free and open-source! The software is transparent, auditable, and runs on your premises so that you have full control.

  • Fully automated! Your bots may run unattended, 24/7/365, with few operational requirements.

  • No limits! You can follow as many strategies as you wish in your preferred markets and exchanges.

  • No trust is required! You trade from within your account at the exchange controlling your funds and keys.

Crypto Signals
  • Free trading signals! All you need to access this premium community service is to hold some project tokens in your profile.

  • Pro-quality strategies! Crypto signals come from top platform users, including the prolific Data Mining team!

  • Competing providers! Teams of traders compete for token rewards and must constantly improve strategies!

  • Flexible setups! You may use the signals for copy trading or to feed your strategies with additional intelligence!

Other Benefits
  • Ever-evolving ecosystem! We incentivize contributions to the open-source project to guarantee constant evolution.

  • We are open and welcoming! We strive to grow the collaboration and are happy to onboard new users!

  • All pros work for you! The work of other developers, data scientists, ML engineers, and traders benefits you too.

  • You support Superalgos! Buying some Superalgos (SA) tokens helps contributors improve the project!

The copy trading feature is currently in an open beta stage. If you don't mind a few hiccups here and there, read the article below to learn how you can participate!