Looking for a free and open-source crypto trading bots platform? Yes!

The Collective Business

The business of the project, the Core Team, and the Community — the business of the collective — is to build a multibillion-dollar financial services network while owning the token that will function as a medium of payment.

The Superalgos Network

In the future, the Superalgos Client will have the capacity to connect to other Clients in a peer-to-peer fashion. This ability will give birth to a decentralized peer-to-peer network of Superalgos nodes through which users will be able — if so they wish — to exchange trading intelligence in the form of processed data, trading systems, AI models, signals, and so on. Exposing intelligence to the network will always be optional. As a user of Superalgos, you decide whether you wish to work in a silo or exchange intelligence with other users.

Evolution to a Marketplace

As the networks' intelligence becomes competitive and valuable, some users will grow interested in paying for certain products and services the network may offer. For example, unskilled users may be willing to pay a subscription fee for high-reputation nodes in the network to run trading bots on their behalf. Others will want to consume signals and run the trading bots on their premises. Others will want to consume processed data to feed their strategies. This is the bootstrapping phase in which early adopters make up the marketplace.

Cambrian Explosion

Unskilled investors with a desire to put their crypto holdings to work are, to say the least, a numerous group — likely, the understatement of the year. As the network builds up traction and starts growing a base of both skilled and unskilled users willing to pay for products and services, increasingly larger market participants will start paying attention. With sufficient time, these dynamics lead to a Cambrian explosion. The foreseeable endgame involves professional firms adopting the network to offer sophisticated financial services.

There will be no intermediaries in the network nor the marketplace. Transactions will be voluntary, peer-to-peer, and free of network fees. The network is also permissionless, meaning that anyone may use it to provide or hire the services they wish.

The Opportunity

Superalgos is developing a Community-centric business and everyone is invited to participate! The business requires a collective effort to develop, deploy, and bootstrap the Financial Services Marketplace.

An Open Invitation

As an early adopter of Superalgos, you are in a unique position to participate in the business of what might become the next crypto unicorn. Achieving the project's vision entails dominating the trading intelligence space with a network that may manage billions and a token that may achieve a top-tier position in the crypto industry. Such is the opportunity should you decide to join forces to help the business succeed!

Your Preparation

You started using Superalgos to develop your trading capabilities, and that is perfectly fine. It is not only compatible with the vision, but it's an integral part of the plan! How? By developing trading intelligence for your own benefit, you learn to use the system and develop the skills that will enable you to participate in the business of the collective, with much greater potential than trading itself. Makes sense?

Our Mission

The mission of the project, the Core Team, and the Community is to collaborate towards the long-term vision, while each Community member simultaneously pursues their own short-term goals as users of Superalgos. The fact that Superalgos helps you with your trading — your short-term goals — is perfectly aligned with the collective's long-term goals: both require making Superalgos better over time.

These are very exiting times! Crypto is on the rise again and may be for good! What do you think we may achieve working together?

Superalgos Will Always Be Free and Open-Source Software

You will always be able to use the Superalgos software free of charge, whether you participate in the business of the collective or not. Even if you can't contribute early on, we are hopeful you may at some point!

The Superalgos software is the backbone of the project and is a direct enabler of the business. Its free and open-source nature was an obvious strategic decision made early on while shaping up the vision and designing the business model.

This "sales strategy" drives economic entry barriers to zero and guarantees the largest possible inflow of users at all stages. It also makes competing with Superalgos extremely difficult, to say the least.

This core feature of the project will never change simply because it would go directly against the project's vision and business. There is no benefit in charging for the use of the software. You are safe investing time and effort in Superalgos.

The Superalgos project is all about the long-term vision. We are in for the long run!