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Looking for a free and open-source crypto trading bots platform? Yes!

Contribute to Superalgos

Ready to join the venture?

Contributing to the project earns you Superalgos (SA) tokens. No matter what your set of skills may be, you may help improve Superalgos and become a vested member of the Community! It's as simple as sharing what you build for yourself! These are a few ideas of how you can help, but if you have your own, let us know in the Community groups!

Submit a quick review about Superalgos!

This is the easiest way to earn your first few tokens!

Getting early feedback after your first contact with Superalgos is of great help! Your feedback gives us an idea of how we are doing with the onboarding experience and development in general! Reviews may also help potential users to take the plunge, install Superalgos, and give it a go!

Get Started!

  • To submit a review, do the Contribute to Superalgos tutorial in the Getting Started plugin workspace! You will need a fork of the Superalgos repo to submit the Pull Request directly from within the app.

Spread the word through social media!

Like with every open-source project, the more people use the software, and the more people get to collaborate, the better the software gets over time. Spreading the word is a positive-sum game that benefits everyone! Follow the project in social media and help spread the word!

Share a documented trading system!

Both simple and elaborate strategies, when properly explained and documented, are high-value contributions! They help less experienced users to dive into real-world examples. They allow people to analyze how different trading ideas may be implemented, and provide a playground with toys to play with.

Get Started!

  • Search the in-app Docs for How to Contribute a Trading System.

Superalgos is always in development. We've been delivering a new version of the system every other month on average. If you are proficient in using the stable version, you may be of great help in testing the new version in the develop branch and reporting any bugs you may find.

Get Started!

  • Switch to the develop branch.
  • Join the Develop Group to report your findings and be ready to open an issue on GitHub when necessary!

Help answer questions in the Telegram groups!

Growing the community is a crucial requirement for the project to succeed. As the community grows, more people come in to ask for guidance or support. Helping answering questions in the community groups frees up the Lead Developer who may focus on coding and improving the system.

If you prove to be a good host, grow your knowledge of the system, and have good interpersonal skills, we may draft you for the Community Moderators team!

Get Started!

  • The groups where we need the most help are the Community and Support groups. If you haven't yet, join them!
  • Start engaging with people and answering queries to the best of your knowledge. When we see that community members can handle the questions, we just let them.

Build a data mine!

Data mines and the indicators within are crucial elements of trading intelligence. Contributing a few indicators adds substantial value to the project, as other users may build more intelligence on top.

Building indicators is also one of the best ways to learn how the system works and to build up the skills to contribute to the code base.

Get Started!

  • Search the in-app Docs for How to Build an Indicator and watch the video series.

Superalgos should be able to work with dozens of exchanges through the CCXT Library. However, to achieve that goal, someone must test them one by one. Usually, some troubleshooting is required. Testing exchanges and making them available is a great way to extend the capabilities of the system!

Get Started!

  • Search the in-app Docs for How to Set Up a New Exchange and How to Test New Exchanges.

Remove bugs!

The Lead Developer is usually focused on developing for the next release. Helping with removing bugs in the existing code base is a great way to help the community have a better experience using the system.

Get Started!

  • Visit the Issues section in our repository and decide where you wish to start!

Once you've gained enough experience building data mines and removing bugs, you may be ready to dive deep into the codebase. It's a huge system, so take a deep breath!

Write an article!

Raising awareness is a great way to contribute and a priority at the current stage! Third-party content about Superalgos validates the project and shows how the project brings value to the crypto ecosystem.

These are a few ideas for topics you may cover:

  • Your personal experience with the software; how you are using it.
  • The impact the software has on your workflow and productivity.
  • Comparisons with alternative solutions.
  • Tutorials, usage tips, and how-to ideas.
  • Product reviews of the whole package or specific functionality.

Make sure you include at least one link to the home page of the Superalgos project website: https://superalgos.org.

You may also add a link to the Superalgos repo if you wish to direct people to the source code.

To maximize the impact of your article, use any of the following key phrases in or around the link, so that it has the most impact in our link-building campaign: crypto trading bot, open source crypto trading bot, automated crypto trading, crypto bot, free crypto trading bot, bitcoin trading bot, trading bot, cryptocurrency trading bot, crypto trading bots, open source trading bot, free bitcoin trading bot, automated cryptocurrency trading, bitcoin trading bots, crypto trading bot free, automated bitcoin trading, free trading bot, trading bot crypto, crypto trading software, automated crypto trading bot, bitcoin trading bot open source, crypto bot trading, crypto automated trading, crypto bots, cryptocurrency trading bots.

You may distribute your articles in your blog or through publishers such as Hacker Noon, Medium publications, Code Project, DZone, OpenSource.com, etc. You may also pitch your articles to the specialized media!

In general terms, the more traction your articles have and the more traffic they generate, the more valuable they are! So make sure you make enough noise and share them as widely as possible!

Tutorials smooth the learning curve and have a significant impact in user-retention after the first contact with the app. Once you've mastered any big or small tasks for which there are no tutorials yet, creating one is a great way to contribute!

Superalgos has a built-in tool for creating interactive tutorials, just like the one welcoming new users and showing off the system the first time they run the app.

Get Started!

  • Read about the Tutorial node and the rest of the hierarchy in the Docs.

Improve the documentation!

The documentation is a crucial aspect of the project and is the bottleneck with every release. Improving the existing documentation helps to lower entry barriers for new users, improves the user experience, and makes the system accessible to more people.

Small contributions may come in the form of fixing and improving existing pages, for example:

  • Correcting typos, spelling, and grammar.
  • Tweaking and expanding explanations to improve the delivery.
  • Illustrating concepts with screen and video captures.
  • Fixing formatting elements that may be off.

Larger contributions require power-user level of understanding of Superalgos, as they involve documenting new unreleased functionality.

The built-in Docs editing features make contributing easy! Get started with small contributions, build up the basic skills, and then move on to the bigger stuff!

Get Started!

  • Join us in the Docs Group to coordinate works and get started!

Design icons!

Superalgos is built on a visual paradigm. Each release incorporates new concepts, most of which must be represented by a node in the GUI. Contributing original icons to represent nodes is a great way to improve the user experience.

Get Started!

Create educational or promotional videos!

Video is a great medium for learning. Anything that may help flatten the learning curve may add significant value. The system is huge and there are plenty of features and functionality that would be taught best via video tutorials.

Video is also a powerful tool to reach out to people that haven't found us yet. Product reviews and comparisons are at the top of the search phrases on YouTube and elsewhere.

You may distribute your videos through your channel or have Superalgos publish them in the official ones. It's up to you! The more traction your videos build, the more valuable they become!

Translate tutorials and documentation!

Making Superalgos more accessible is a key endeavor to grow the Community and the user base. Translating tutorials and software documentation into languages other than English is of huge value.

Get Started!

  • Join us in the Docs Group to coordinate works and get started!