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Contributing to Superalgos

Ready to join the venture?

Contributing to the project earns you Superalgos (SA) tokens. No matter what your set of skills may be, you may help improve Superalgos and become a vested member of the Community! It's as simple as sharing what you build for yourself!

Early stage

In your early days with the project, you may contribute small stuff, like writing a review, fixing grammar or typos in the Docs, or translating tutorials into other languages. Later on, as you advance, you may contribute the intelligence you build for yourself, like trading systems or indicators.

Power-user stage

Once you become a power user, you may help with support questions in the community groups, and if you're a developer, you may go bug-hunting, or dive into the codebase. With time, you may take charge of entire areas of the project! It doesn't matter what your expertise is, as there are opportunities of all sorts!

Zen Stage

You may join the business, marketing, design, or education teams, take roles and positions within the project, participate in referrals, support, and mentorship programs. If you can code, the sky is the limit! You may code and maintain new features, integrate entire projects, or take over existing parts of the codebase.

These are few ideas of how you can help!