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The Superalgos Community started in Telegram, where multiple groups developed over time. We recently opened a brand new Discord Server too, so it's up to you what platform to use! To join our Discord, follow this link! To join our Telegram groups, check the details below! No harm in joining both platforms if you wish!

Official Announcements

This is the Announcement channel broadcasting news about releases, hot fixes, and critical info.

International Community

This is the main Community group where people meet to share knowledge and collaborate.

Develop Group

This is where developers meet to discuss building indicators, or improving the system.

Support Group

Join this group if you need help particularly during the early stages, while getting started.

UX/UI Group

This is where designers meet to discuss user experience and interface improvements.

Machine Learning Group

If you are interested in Trading AIs join this group to discuss ongoing implementations.

Collaborations Group

Join this group if you'd like to collaborate with people that may complement your skillset.

Docs Group

Want to help with the Docs and translations? Join this group to coordinate works!

Token Group

Are you well-versed in token platforms? Help us plan the deployment of our token!

Join a Community in Your Language

We Meet in Telegram

As the International Community grows, users may request the team to open language-specific groups!

Grupo en Español
Группа на русском