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Community Resources

This is all we've got!

The Superalgos Platform features extensive built-in documentation and interactive tutorials. There are several other resources you may leverage to learn more about the project and the platform!

In Words
  • Online Documentation Currently available both within the Superalgos Platform, and on this website.
  • Medium Blog Official announcements, project news, monthly Team reports, educational posts and more.
  • Other Publications Articles and content written for publications such as Hackernoon, Towards Data Science, Better Programming...
  • German Community Site Website hosted by the Superalgos German Community.
  • Brett Taylor's Twitch Live broadcast exploring Superalgos, with occasional guests and live Q&A.
  • Discord Server & Telegram Groups Chat groups where the community meets to discuss all things Superalgos.
  • Community Forum Long-form discussion, searchable content, wish lists, roadmap talks, feedback, and more.
  • Reddit Community The new Superalgos subreddit is starting to get some traction. Jooin the crowd!
  • Built-in Tutorials Interactive tutorials are the best way of learning the basic operation of the Superalgos Platform.
  • Online Demo A functional demo version of the Superalgos Platform available online, ideal for trying before installing.