• Competitions as a Shift in Incentives


What kind of new disruptive system could produce zero cost, ever-evolving trading intelligence, that would sooner or later outperform the intelligence produced in silos by investment companies?

Superalgos Trading League

A shift in incentives drives the CommunityThe collaboration of a heterogeneous group participating in the Superalgos Project. A subset of the Community counts professional and amateur traders, developers and analysts, organized in Teams, referred to as "Algo-Makers". to relentlessly evolve trading intelligence. Instead of focusing only on profits obtained from trading, the Community participates in CompetitionsRefers to trading competitions ; events in which Algorithms and human traders compete to determine the top performers under certain rules.
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, attracted by the following essential traits...

  • By entering Competitions, Community members access the collective's state-of-the-art trading technology.

  • On top of making profits with trading, Competitions offer the potential of trading profits as well as the ability to earn substantial cash prizes.

  • Community members may take the best AlgorithmsRefers to trading algorithms; pieces of software automating trading strategies. and try to improve them, which saves the effort of producing Algorithms from scratch.

  • Participants compete for the ludic and entertainment value, for the challenge, for fame and glory, to feel honor and pride, to measure their skills, to be a part of a Community, or simply, to win.

  • Performing well in Competitions allow participants to build up their reputation which enhances their ability to offer automated trading services in the MarketplaceThe Trading Intelligence Marketplace, also referred to as the "Marketplace", will be a subset of the Superalgos Platform running on the Superalgos Network enabling users to hire trading intelligence in the form of Data Services, Trading Services and Asset Management Services.
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Partnership with Exchanges

The Superalgos Organization partners with Exchanges in the following terms...

  • The Superalgos ProjectAn open community together with its body of work, implementing a framework to enable a superior trading intelligence evolving within an open global collaboration of humans and machines, at the service of all people. enables ongoing Competitions running on the Superalgos PlatformThe collection of software and tech-infrastructure that enables the hosting of Competitions and the Marketplace, developed by the Superalgos Project which runs distributed on independent instances referred to as Superalgos Nodes in the Superalgos Network. while doing the actual trading on ExchangesWhile Competitions, Algorithms and the Marketplace run on the Superalgos Network, the actual trading occurs directly at Digital Assets / Crypto Exchanges..

  • Competitions are designed to direct the evolution of the ecosystem's intelligence towards trading increasingly important value in assets, thus, are expected to generate substantial trading volume at Exchanges.

  • Exchanges promote Competitions among their own clients and award ALGO TokensThe ALGO Token is the medium of exchange within the ALGO Ecosystem by which stakeholders transfer value in exchange for products or services. ALGO also represents a form of energy turning bots into beings with a financial life of their own.
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    to the winner as prize money to incentivize participation and thus grow their own trading volume.

  • The Superalgos Project adds to the incentives by offering ALGO tokens as prize money for runners-up.

  • As each Exchange is onboarded and set with its own Competition, the Exchange lists the ALGO token so that the Exchange's clients can cash out awarded ALGO tokens if they wish so.

  • Once the clients of each newly onboarded Exchange become aware of the Superalgos Project, a small exchange offering of ALGO tokens is launched at the Exchange.

Exchanges' Gains

  • Competitions drive trading volume on which Exchanges charge Transaction Fees.

  • Transaction Fees finance the prize money awarded by Exchanges to incentivize Competitions and also generate profits for the respective Exchange.

  • Exchanges become invested stakeholders and get an ALGO StreamA smart contract that allocates ALGO Tokens at a preprogrammed rate to the address of a person or entity working for the Superalgos Project.
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    —a smart contract that allocates ALGO Tokens at a certain rate, in compensation for the value added to the project.

  • Exchanges have the opportunity to raise and increase awareness within the growing CommunityThe collaboration of a heterogeneous group participating in the Superalgos Project. A subset of the Community counts professional and amateur traders, developers and analysts, organized in Teams, referred to as "Algo-Makers". and acquire new customers.

  • The gamification (Competitions) and trading toolbox provided by the Superalgos Platform activates traders and drives an increase of trading volume within the existing Exchange clients.

Superalgos Project Gains

  • Exchanges contribute to bootstrapping the Community driving new members to the Superalgos Project and incentivizing the Community to compete.

  • Exchanges contribute to the funding and growth of the Superalgos Project by listing, marketing and conducting exchange offerings of the ALGO Token.