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Online Demo

Ready to get abducted?

Wish to try a partially functional demo of the Superalgos Platform
before you install it?

Use Chrome or Safari on Mac — other browsers may have issues. It may take a couple of minutes for the interface to load. The focus must be on the browser for all scripts to run and load properly. The demo runs on a basic VM and may get slow depending on demand.

You can't run bots or data tasks. What you can do is navigate the interface and follow the first few interactive tutorials with pre-processed data. Don't run the data-mining tasks or trading sessions; just click "Next"!

Bear in mind that tutorials describe the experience in the full version of the platform. Things may be slightly different in the demo, particularly regarding references to tasks running as they will not actually run.

The demo loads unsecured via HTTP due to technical challenges we're currently working on. You will need to ignore browser warnings to use it.