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Superalgos Platform

The Ultimate Free and Open-Source Crypto Trading Bots Platform

Superalgos is a free and open-source infrastructure platform integrating all crucial aspects of crypto trading automation in a visual scripting environment accessible to technical users and optimized for developers. The core design principles are flexibility, power, and collaboration. If you're serious about building, testing, and deploying crypto trading bots, you've just found a new home.

Data-mining & visualization
  • Data Mines feature sensor and indicator bots to fetch data from crypto exchanges and process it into elaborate data sets.

  • API Maps and API Data Fetcher Bots allow you to connect to any API on the Internet and bring the data into the workflow.

  • The Custom Data Visualization features help produce graphical representations of data with zero coding requirements.

  • The Integrated Charting System is the canvas where all the information comes together—a crucial piece of intelligence.

  • You may distribute data-mining processes across clusters of coordinated machines serving data to trading bots.

  • When working as a team, data scientists may build indicators and studies, while dev-ops engineers handle the deployment.

Strategy design and testing
  • The Visual Strategy Designer proposes a flexible framework to build crypto trading systems with complete trade management.

  • The Visual Strategy Debugger aids in getting strategies to work as expected and in removing undesired behavior.

  • Backtesting and Paper Trading execution modes feature powerful and realistic trade-by-trade visual simulations.

  • Backtesting offers granular control of the data set so that you may segment it in every possible way.

  • The integrated interactive documentation provides immediate access to operational and technical information.

  • In a team environment, specialists may handle strategy design and backtesting separately to keep overfitting in check.

Crypto trading automation
  • Forward testing and live trading execution modes feature on-chart monitoring of live trading activity in sync with the exchange.

  • Configurable execution algorithms built into crypto trading systems feature complete order management and accounting.

  • Crypto trading bot farms are coordinated deployments of tasks across multiple machines, in your premises or the cloud.

  • Portfolio manager bots keep the bird's-eye view of the operation, offering contextual account info for trading bots to factor in.

  • Superalgos allows scaling up operations gradually as you build and deploy bots in more markets or more exchanges.

  • Trading teams distribute deployment responsibilities among developers, system administrators, and dev-ops engineers.

The best way to quickly understand the potential of Superalgos is to launch the limited online demo or download the full app and do the Welcome to Superalgos tutorial. It'll blow your mind!

Foundational Pledge

Forever 100% free of charge, open-source, and no trust required
Free of Charge
  • Use all functionality for free with no tiered or gated access, and no premium plans.

  • Run the platform on your premises so that you pay nothing for execution time.

  • Own your datasets by downloading and processing market data on your machines.

  • Accept no limits and run as many bots, backtests, and clients as you need.

  • Enjoy an ad-free experience with no collection of usage data or private info.

  • Join trading teams or set up your own, as large or small as you wish.

  • Stay away from malware trusting only transparent, public, and auditable code.

  • Enjoy a license-based legal guarantee that the software released will never be gated.

  • Get open-source strategies to get started until you build your own.

  • Get free support from a community that is eager to share, learn, and grow.

  • Build your reputation and give back to the community by sharing your knowledge.

  • Meet talented traders to complement your skills and pool resources to trade as a team.

No Trust Required
  • Trust nobody with your funds in the crypto-wild west! Your keys, your coins!

  • Keep strategies and targets hidden to avoid front-runners and squeezers.

  • Lock your exchange keys out of centralized services that may get hacked!

  • Keep your trading history away from prying eyes, and personal data for yourself.

  • Enjoy a login-free experience with no requirement for emails or personal info.

  • Trade with no counterparty risks both while trading alone or with a team.

The Superalgos software is the backbone of an open-source, community-owned, token-incentivized global collaboration. The project requires mass adoption of the software to succeed, thus making Superalgos free and open-source is a strategic decision that will never change!

Visual Environment

Visualization is key to handling complexity
Visual Scripting

Put abstractions on the screen and visualize trading concepts in hierarchical structures of nodes that organize and relate principles.

Visual Validation of Conditions and Formulas

See which of your rules are met along with the value of your formulas on each candle by hovering your mouse pointer across the charts.

Drag & Drop Imports and
One-click Exports

Back up and share any part of your work with a single mouse-click, and import works seamlessly, dropping the file on the design space.

Visual Strategy Designer

Build Standardized Strategies on a Professional Framework
Follow a Professional Trading Framework

The Superalgos Protocol is an implementation of the framework used by trading firms to describe and organize trading systems.

Use math-based syntax
or JavaScript Code

You don't need to code as you may describe trading logic using a simple and intuitive native syntax. But if you can code, the sky is the limit.







Smart Access
to All Data

Your strategies may access all data, including multiple time frames, markets, and even exchanges, on each decision-making instance!


Visual Strategy Debugger

Get Full Access to the Trading Bot Information
Transparent Operation
and handling of information

The data structure of the trading engine is exposed on the GIU so that you may see the value of every node, for every candle.

Explore simulations
trade by trade

Trading simulations graphically display every action the trading bot takes so that each position, order, and event may be analyzed.

No need to dive into
hideous log files

Errors, warnings, and node values are displayed both on the relevant node and on the charts, where and when they happen.

Execution Modes

Leverage Top Testing and Live Trading Capabilitites

Advanced Backtests
  • Set up unlimited backtesting sessions, each with their parameters including time range, fees and slippage assumptions.

  • Visualize and analyze individual trades right on the charts.

  • Test multiple rule variations all at once and compare results visually over the charts.

  • Avoid overfitting exercising full control over how you use your datasets.

Paper Trade & Forward-Tests
  • Run strategies forwards without placing orders to verify performance.

  • Test strategies forward placing orders for a fraction of the capital to validate slippage assumptions and overall execution.

  • Enjoy the same visual aides as with backtesting to view trades over the charts.

  • Distribute responsibilities accross multiple members when trading with a team.

Live Trading
  • Trade live with multiple strategies from the same or multiple machines.

  • Trade live on multiple markets and even multiple exchanges at the same time.

  • Use multiple accounts at the exchange, each with their own API keys.

  • Scale up your operation as you build more strategies and deploy additional hardware when needed.

Integrated Charting System

Pour your trading intelligence on the charts

The integrated charting system provides a customizable graphical environment aggregating the intelligence you produce and plotting it over the charts. You may plot the data you process, the strategies you build and test, and the trading sessions you run, superimposing unlimited layers of information, combining different time frames, markets, and even market data from multiple exchanges.

Data Mining

Own The Data

Superalgos downloads raw data from exchanges and any API on the Internet, generates a dataset for each time frame organized by market, and by exchange, performs custom calculations, and stores the results as new datasets for your strategies to consume.

Data Accessibility
  • Download market data from exchanges and any API on the Internet, both in historic datasets and live data feeds.

  • Store data in your computer so that you may access it any time, on or off-line, at zero cost.

  • Use data with other tools including spreadsheets, other bots or any other system in your workflow.

Data Processing
  • Nest processes feeding from each other's output and build intelligence from the ground up on unlimited layers.

  • Use a visual environment to define dependencies, execution sequences, and datasets architecture.

  • Limit coding to calculation procedures and let the system take care of the intricacies of the infrastructure.

Quality Assurance
  • Use recursive processes to ensure data continuity, completeness, and accuracy, both while downloading and processing.

  • Ensure data comparability with standardized datasets in all time frames, markets, and exchanges.

  • Ensure data accessibility with datasets organized by exchange, market, data mine, indicator, and time frame.

Custom Data Visualization

Visualize custom datasets directly over the charts, without coding a single line!
Define Coordinate

Define coordinates points where [x] is the DateTime of the candle and [y] is the derivative of the price the study or indicator calculates.

Define Polygons
and Styles

Use those points to define polygons or lines to which you will assign styles for the fill of polygon bodies and the stroke of lines.

Let the Platform
Do It's Magic

The platform dynamically renders the drawings for candles visible on the screen, on every time period, making visualizations available in layers.

Crypto Trading Bot Farms

Deploy Flexible and Scalable Crypto Trading Bots Operations

You may distribute data mining and trading tasks over multiple machines, and Superalgos coordinates the whole operation. Each network node automatically discovers changes you introduce in the definition of the network so that all tasks remain coordinated.

Easy Deployment

Deploy a network of nodes with easy and minimal configuration requirements as the system dynamically discovers the state of the network and the distribution of tasks, ensuring the preservation of all dependencies every time there is a change in the definitions.

F&F Collaboration

Recycle pieces of cheap or outdated hardware to overcome the limitations of a single machine. Harness the collaboration with friends and family with a single data-mining operation supporting unlimited trading sessions by adding more cheap hardware to the network.

Robust Deployments

Deploy a professional trading operation based on a scalable infrastructure to trade in multiple markets and multiple exchanges with various strategies. Leverage a flexible and integrated solution that is ready to scale to business-size operations.


Works on every setting you need

The system is cross-platform thus works on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and every operating system that supports Node JS.


Access +120 crypto exchanges and any other exchanges that may be added to the CCXT Library in the future.


Trade bitcoin and all altcoins in the markets listed by the supported crypto exchanges. If the market is listed, you can trade it.

TradingView Integration

Integrate With Systems Supporting Webhooks

You may set up alerts in TradingView and send them as webhook messages. Superalgos gets the signal and you may handle it from within a strategy to make decisions, take positions, and manage trades in a fully automated fashion.

Set Up A TV Alert and Send a Webhoook Message
  • Set up your alerts using whatever method and logic you wish to use.

  • Set the alert action as a webhook URL with your IP address.

Process the Signal In Superalgos
  • Let Superalgos take the message and make it available to your strategies.

  • Use the signal and incorporate native Superalgos logic to make decisions.

Handle Execution & Trade Management
  • Take positions and dynamically manage take profit and stop-loss targets.

  • Automate the whole process and let the trading bot take care of execution.

API Maps and Data Fetcher Bots

Connect to Any API on the Internet

With Superalgos, you may fetch data from any API on the Internet without coding. All you need to do is design an API Map, which is a set of definitions describing how a bot may access a certain API and how to interpret the API Server responses. Then, an API Data Fetcher Bot can be configured to extract the data and bring it into the Superalgos workflow.

Interactive Documentation

+1,500 Pages of Searchable Docs

Superalgos features extensive documentation right within the app, as a searchable collection of pages organized in multiple categories. The documentation is fully integrated into the system, interacting with various functions that use the feature to provide feedback and communicate with the user.

Community Plugins

Pull intelligence from an ever-growing collective!

Trading Systems

Use open-source trading systems to get started! Use them to learn, backtest them, improve them, and make them your own!


Use indicators contributed by the community to build your strategies, and if you can code, develop and contribute your own!

Data Mines

If you can code, set up a data mine to contribute indicators, and become the owner and maintainer of a popular resource!

Join the crypto trading bots project with the fastest development pace!

Use Cases

We cater to your specific needs

Superalgos is a vast system with multiple use cases. To learn more about how the system addresses your specific needs, follow the link to your main area of interest. Regardless of what your focus is, the system gives you access to all tools.

Systematic Trading
  • Automate strategies without coding defining rules with simple statements.

  • Analyze backtests trade by trade directly over the charts, and on aggregated reports.

  • Try multiple logic variations and test them all at once, comparing results side by side.

  • Have full control over backtesting, paper-trading, forward testing and live trading.

  • Develop your own studies and indicators and use them in your strategies.

Algorithmic Trading
  • Don't waste your time on infrastructure; we have it all tried, tested and documented.

  • Exchange connectivity via CCXT offers access to a list of top-exchanges.

  • Trading and backtesting engine provides reliable trading and accurate simulations.

  • Trading protocol standardizing strategies allows easy reutilization.

  • Your work will not be wasted as our open-source code is yours, forever.

Discretionary Trading
  • Set up bots to monitor the market and get notifications when specific situations arise.

  • Set up bots to monitor indicators for crossovers, divergences or other signals.

  • Test ideas and assumptions to validate their effectiveness in new markets.

  • Set up a dashboard of charts comparing time frames, markets and exchanges.

  • Tap into the realm of systematic trading to grow your trading toolbox.

Smart Holding
  • Stop suffering during bear markets watching your holdings' value evaporate.

  • Instead, increase your holdings every time prices drop, with an open-source strategy.

  • Verify the strategy's track record by running your own backtests.

  • Understand the strategy's logic by looking into the rules it follows.

  • Fully automate your trading by running a live trading session.

Trading Coach
  • Adopt a trading framework that will guide you through your learning curve.

  • Start with open-source strategies, learn their logic and try to improve them.

  • Develop your trading system and keep improving it as you learn.

  • Learn what works and what doesn't by testing ideas on historical and live data.

  • Ensure consistency in your trading leaving emotions out by using automation.

Markets Research
  • Mine market data with efficiency and the absolute minimum coding requirements.

  • Nest multiple calculation processes feeding from each other's outputs.

  • Feed machine learning AIs with datasets you create, combine, classify and label.

  • Create custom visualizations of your datasets over the timeline.

  • Use your intuition in a visual environment to find patterns others can't see.

Download and Set Up

Find installation instructions on the main repository

In homage to the open-source spirit, we have moved the Getting Started Guide to our GitHub repository, where the rest of the code is. The button below takes you there.

Download From Github