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Working With a Crypto Exchange?

The Superalgos Community wants unconditional support from your exchange, and this is why you should help us get it! Sooner or later, most trading volume will originate from trading bots, and Superalgos is uniquely positioned to win the algorithmic trading race. This is why!

Algo Traders Community

Superalgos is not just the most robust, powerful, and flexible crypto trading bots platform. It is a free and open-source crypto project run by one of the largest communities of algo traders. Our standing among developers became apparent when GitHub.com placed Superalgos in the top spot of the 'trading bots' search results.

As explained in the Project One-Pager, the community is actively working to bring crypto trading to the masses. The Superalgos Protocol aligns everyone's incentives in the same direction, making the collective goal crystal clear: to grow the Superalgos Network turning all traders and crypto users into algorithmic traders.

Superalgos' vision aligns well with exchanges' business model. Automated trading has the potential to generate significantly more trading volume than manual trading, with each user potentially deploying tens of bots in multiple markets, each working 24/7/365. This potential, however, is not guaranteed and is certainly not realized by commercial platforms.

Disruptive Business Model

Commercial trading bot platforms are in the business of extracting value from users. On the contrary, Superalgos is a user-centric platform built by users for users. Commercial platforms are not invested in the success of their users. The success of Superalgos depends entirely on users profitability and their capacity to produce quality trading intelligence.

Commercial platforms deploy services designed to tax usage, many times affecting the ability of traders to trade as much as they would otherwise. They hide crucial features behind additional paywalls, create volume or capital-related service tiers, charge more for deploying multiple bots, or charge extra fees for working in more markets.

In contrast, Superalgos products and services are free of charge for everyone, forever. Users of the Superalgos Platform may deploy unlimited numbers of bots, in unlimited markets, running on unlimited machines. Crypto users using the Superalgos App will have similar freedoms. Such are the reasons why commercial platforms will be disrupted.

What We Want

We appreciate the offering of brokerage and referral deals! However, the decentralized nature of our project makes such deals impossible to implement. We strive to establish a more profound type of relationship with exchanges.

Listing Our Token

The Superalgos (SA) Token is the source of energy for our project. It is our token that drives development and the sharing of intelligence that enables the massification of trading. If you wish to support our ever-growing community of algo traders, the absolute best way to do it is by listing our token. Work with us to make it happen! Needless to say, we are ready to provide liquidity and proper market making.

User Benefits

As an alternative to brokerage and referral deals, Superalgos strives to pass on benefits to users. Some exchanges have offered perpetual tier upgrades to Superalgos users resulting in better trading fees. That is how exchanges may build valuable relationships with our user base. Remember that lower fees enable algo traders to trade more, as they factor in their strategies the lower transaction costs and risk.

Reciprocal Promotion

If your exchange offers a quality API, we are happy to promote it within our user base. We expect you to do the same with Superalgos. The Superalgos Platform is the perfect tool to activate traders and help them trade more. It is free, open-source, and doesn't require trusting third parties, as the software runs on users' premises and trading happens directly within users' accounts at the exchange.

What We Offer

We can promote your exchange within our user base in multiple forms, resolve technical requirements to integrate your exchange, and compensate your contributions with Superalgos (SA) Tokens so that your exchange may participate in the governance of Superalgos.


Contributing to Superalgos in the ways described above will earn you and/or your exchange Superalgos (SA) Tokens. Beyond the economic value our token may have, your Superalgos (SA) Token holdings confer you Token Power that you may use to participate in Superalgos governance programs. Your Token Power also determines how much exposure your exchange gets within Superalgos (see Promotion to the right).

Remember that Superalgos is a decentralized organization delegating all decision-making to the Community through the governance system. As a token holder, you will be able to affect the direction of development of Superalgos.

Superalgos (SA) Token holders determine how the project distributes the tokens allocated to each release, deciding which programs get funded and how, and which contributors get what compensations for which contributions.


When users download and fire up the Superalgos Platform for the first time, they encounter an hour-long interactive tutorial that walks them through the main functions of the platform. During the tutorial, users fetch data from the default exchange, run a backtesting session with a demo trading system, and even run a live trading session at the default exchange.

Your exchange could be the default exchange in the first and every other interactive tutorial, leading new Superalgos users straight to you.

Whenever we list supported or partner exchanges, we list them following a single order criterion: the exchange's Token Power. This means that the exchange that holds the most Superalgos (SA) Tokens is the default exchange. It also means that every list of exchanges on the project's website or the Superalgos Platform is ordered by Token Power too.

Your Team

We can set up a technical team to develop and maintain the connector with your exchange API so that users may have a seamless experience and use the full potential of your exchange. The Superalgos Protocol incentivizes this type of work with our native token, at no cost to your exchange.

Similarly, the project may incentivize the creation of specific workspaces, tutorials, and other educational material required for a targeted onboarding of your users.

In addition, we can help you develop the exchange community as a subset of the Superalgos Community, creating official communication channels within our presence in Telegram and Discord.

Whatever value your exchange may bring to Superalgos will trigger immediate positive responses. We want your exchange to become a valuable member of the Community!