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Crypto Trading Bots FAQS

Do you have questions about the specific capabilities of the crypto trading bots you may build with Superalgos? The questions below are the most common in that regard.

The Superalgos Platform is, above all, an infrastructure platform.

Let's clarify the meaning of a few terms that are often used loosely:

  • A trading system is a framework for handling the low-level logic that serves to structure the processes and methods used to implement trading strategies.
  • A trading strategy is the description of a set of events featuring the trading logic. Events are triggered upon the validation of precise conditions describing specific market situations. Trading strategies are designed to achieve a specific goal within the broader plan of a trading system via taking and managing positions.
  • A trading bot is a computer program that, based on available data sets, applies the trading logic defined in a trading strategy while running trading sessions. Those sessions may be testing sessions that may involve simulations, or they may be live trading sessions that involve placing and managing real orders at the exchange.

Considering the above definitions, this is what you may expect from Superalgos:

  • Superalgos allows you to visually design, test, and deploy trading systems and the strategies within, directly from within the UI.
  • At this point, Superalgos ships with one trading bot, specialized in low-frequency trading (working with 1-minute candles and above). This means that HFT (sub-second) is not available at this point.
  • The project encourages and incentivizes users to build and contribute new trading bots with different capabilities. In fact, the lead developer is available to help you out if that is what you have in mind.
  • Superalgos ships with a few demo trading systems contributed by the community. We hope more will become available in the future, but at this point, there is only a handful.

The system implements the CCXT library which allows connecting to a vast list of exchanges. However, many exchanges do not fully comply with the standards established by the library.

The Community is working mainly with Binance and Binance US. However, you are free to test any of the exchanges in the list. That said, it is highly recommended to start with tried and tested exchanges until you become proficient with using the system.

You may work with any of the markets / pairs listed on supported crypto exchanges.

At the moment, Superlagos works with spot crypto markets only. However, extending the capabilities to deal with derivatives is in the mid-term roadmap.

Not at the moment. However, extending the capabilities to deal with traditional markets is in the long-term vision.

Yes. They may be if you choose to run live trading sessions. However, you may use Superalgos to mine data from exchanges, research crypto markets, design and test strategies, or run paper trading sessions without ever deploying a cryto trading bot to trade live.

You will need an account with a supported exchange and an exchange API key if you decide to trade live, in a fully automated fashion. You may use Superalgos to get started, to download data from exchanges, to build and test trading strategies, and to run paper trading sessions without an exchange account.

Yes. The client application must be running a live trading session for the crypto trading bot to place orders at the exchange. If you turn your computer off or stop Superalgos, the system will not trade live during that time.

You may close the Graphic User Interface running on the browser at any time. Only the client application running on the console needs to be running at all times when trading live.

Once you are proficient with running and operating the system, you may set up the client in a separate or dedicated computer, and control it from the GUI running on your every-day machine. In this manner, the machine running the client is the only one required to run continuously, while the one running the GUI may be turned off and on at will.

Yes! We keep a wish list for new features in the form of issues in the Superalgos repository. If you are missing a key feature, feel free to open an issue selecting the "Feature request" option when prompted. Please be thorough on your explanation about what you wish and how you envision the feature should work, and make sure you follow the thread so that you may answer questions the developers may ask.

We make no promises as of what features or when they may be developed, but we do our best to keep up with the Community's requests.

In case the system is stopped or stops unexpectedly after a position has been taken, the system does not resume the transaction once it comes back online. In such a case, the position must be managed and closed manually.

Trading Bots—The Emergence of Trading Intelligence

Algorithmic trading is a data-driven application. It is the ability to derive intelligence from data—above all—that gives the data science approach entailed in systematic trading an edge. However, it would be wrong—simplistic—to assume that trading intelligence emerges from data science alone. This piece explains how Superalgos tackles the complex subject of trading automation.