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Build Your Bitcoin Trading Bot

Superalgos packs powerful tools for designing, testing, and deploying bitcoin trading bots!
Visual Scripting Designer

Build bitcoin trading systems using a visual interface, and following a framework with standardized strategy building blocks and simple math instructions.

Integrated Charting System

Visualize simulations of your bitcoin trading bots in action directly over the charts, with trade-by-trade graphical representations and real-time bot monitoring.

Visual Strategy Debugger

Access all the information processed by your trading bots in realtime, from within the user interface, with built-in features to help you track and fix issues.

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You Won't Be Alone

Superalgos is a Community-run project and we're here to help!
Open-Source and Free Community Bots

Use free bitcoin trading bots shared by the community! Take them as a starting point to learn from, improve, test, and deploy, making them your own!

In-App Tutorials & Documentation

Follow step-by-step instructions to build your free bitcoin trading bots, and learn as you go. Start with simple trading logic and add more complexity as you progress.

Community Chat & Online Support

Join the Community Telegram Group to discuss building bitcoin trading systems and drop by the Support Telegram Group if you run into any difficulties using Superalgos.

Leverage the open-source community to build killer bitcoin trading bots!

As Many Bots As You Need

Superalgos is free, and so are your trading bots!
Free Bitcoin Trading Bots

Superalgos runs in your machine, and you are free to design, test, and deploy as many trading bots as you wish.

Free Backtesting of Bots

You own the data you download from exchanges to your machine, so you may run as many testing sessions as you need.

Cheap Bot Deployments

Put your bitcoin trading bots to work across a network of physical computers in your premises or virtual machines in the cloud.

You don't need to put up with arbitrary limits!

Superalgos is Open Source, Safe, and User-Centric

Superalgos is built by the Community, for the Community!
100% Transparent Software

Superalgos runs on uncompiled code that developers may scrutinize and audit. The code is maintained on public repositories, and everyone may contribute and help improve it. The software runs on your computer, under your control.

Minimize Risks

No one knows what bitcoin trading bots you design or run. No one can front-run your strategies. No one can steal your trading intelligence. No one knows how much capital you trade. No one can see your exchange keys.

Hassle-Free Experience

No sign-up or logins. No ads, anywhere. No user or usage data collection of any kind. No locked or tiered features. No pro or paid superior version. Superalgos is simply good 'ol open-source software designed by users, for users.

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What is Superalgos?

The Ultimate Open-Source Bitcoin Trading Bots Platform

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