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The Starter's Guide to Coding Killer Crypto-Trading Bots

So you can code, got into crypto, found out about crypto-trading, and knew that—sooner or later—you would give it a shot at building a trading bot. Good. This is where you learn where to start, how to approach the process, and the dos and don'ts of coding trading bots.

How to Increase your Bitcoin Holdings in a Bear Market

Our strategy hit a 26% ROI trade during last week's bitcoin crash. If you pay attention you might be able to catch the next ride too. What happened at 5 PM UTC on September 6th that made the Weak-hands buster strategy decide to take a short position on bitcoin?

Switching From Manual to Automated Crypto-Trading in 3 Steps

Trading crypto manually sucks and you know it. Stop wasting your potential and make the transition once and for good. Before we start, rest assured I'm not advocating throwing year's worth of accumulated knowledge and experience down the drain to go out and find the latest hyper-hyped AI bot promising to take over your duties while you sleep.

Why Crypto-Trading Will Get Social in 2020

Few traders join forces spontaneously, but industry trends may push collective trading to the forefront sooner than later. Long gone are the times when an incipient industry was driven by idealist souls sharing the values of freedom and power to the people that transpire from the libertarian interpretation of the potential of cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, the suits are taking over.

Developing Your Trading System: A Step by Step Logical Guide

I'm sure you've heard before that trading is all about developing your system and sticking to it. This article lays out a rational framework for developing your trading system by dissecting trading logic, step by step.

Top Tips for Freelance Developers Chasing Financial Independence

As a lifelong entrepreneur with a background running a software company, I've always seen freelancing as a stepping stone to financial independence. Freelance developers have the entrepreneurial gene, but may be aiming too low in a market hungry for talent.

Superalgos, Part Two: Building a Trading Supermind

A supermind of humans and machines thinking and working together, doing everything required to maximize the group's collective intelligence so as to minimize the time needed for superalgos to emerge is being built right now.

Superalgos, Part One: The Trading Singularity

One day in the future, a trading intelligence capable of outperforming every other entity at the markets will emerge. Both humans and current algorithms will be surpassed by Superalgos.