Partner Exchanges

Superalgos partners with exchanges to help investors automate crypto trading — free of charge. The #1 trading bots platform in Github allows investors to trade more markets, with more strategies, 24/7/365, increasing trading volume by orders of magnitude.

Activating Exchange Clients

The Superalgos Platform is exchange-agnostic, but the project offers partner exchanges custom support and a curated onboarding experience for their customers. We help investors while they build, test, and deploy their strategies and offer community support throughout the learning curve.

Technical Integration

Superalgos uses the CCXT library to communicate with exchanges' APIs. We set up a technical team to test the main endpoints of your API, including retrieving OHLCV data along with placing and canceling orders. If your API does not comply with the CCXT standard, we point out what needs to be improved for the integration to be possible / optimal. We maintain open communication with your technical team to resolve issues your users may experience.

First Point of Contact

When users fire up the Superalgos Platform for the first time, they encounter an hour-long interactive tutorial that walks them through the main functions and features. During the tutorial, users fetch data from the exchange, run a backtesting session with a demo trading system, and even run a live trading session. Partner exchanges have a custom workspace so that users may interact with the right exchange from the get-go, instead of the default one.

Learning Curve

Trading automation is a complex business with a significant learning curve. Traders with no or little experience in automation often need help while learning the tricks of the trade. Our community offers one-on-one support to clients of partner exchanges, helping them breeze through the learning curve so that they get to build, test, and deploy their strategies in the most efficient possible manner. We prioritize helping customers of partner exchanges.

Becoming a Partner Exchange

To become a partner exchange, your Business Development and Marketing teams need to engage with us to coordinate some basic aspects of the collaboration. Please use our contact form!

Promoting Superalgos

You will promote Superalgos among your customer base through all your marketing channels, including social media, chat groups, public and media relations, blogs, etc. You will also promote Superalgos on your website and will place "do follow" links to our homepage and Github repository. We will reciprocate all your promotional efforts by promoting your exchange within our user base in a similar fashion.

User Benefits

We appreciate the offering of brokerage and referral deals! However, the decentralized nature of our project makes commission-based deals impossible to implement — the project is a non-profit, has no commercial operations, and no legal entity behind it. As an alternative, we offer partner exchanges the option to pass on all benefits directly to users, typically involving discounted trading fees, bonuses, and so on.

Listing Our Token

The Superalgos (SA) Token is the source of energy of our project and what makes offering our technology and services free of charge possible. Listing our token is not a requirement to become a partner exchange, but would certainly attract more algo traders from our community. We're happy to prove our value first, counting on an introduction to the listing team once the relationship matures.

Superalgos Vs. Commercial Platforms

With the Superalgos Platform, users may trade multiple markets, run unlimited backtests, and deploy as many bots as they wish on scalable clusters of machines — free of charge. Commercial platforms tax usage and prevent investors from trading as much as they would otherwise.

Superalgos is not just the most robust, powerful, and flexible crypto trading bots platform. It is also a free and open-source crypto project run by one of the largest communities of algo traders. As explained in our Project One-Pager, we're working to bring crypto trading to the masses, turning both traders and crypto users into algorithmic traders.

Commercial trading bot platforms are in the business of extracting value from users. They hide crucial features behind additional paywalls, create volume or capital-related service tiers, charge more for deploying multiple bots, or charge extra fees for working in more markets. Their business model taxes usage and negatively impacts trading volume.