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Disruption Frontier

Designed for network dominance

Superalgos reimagines the trading ecosystem from the ground up, discarding all vices and perverse incentives of the legacy system. The first-principles rethinking of all assumptions results in a new paradigm at the end of the disruption curve.

  • Project, token, governance, and network — all are decentralized.

  • Everything is open source and free of charge, for everyone, forever.

  • Governance incentivizes all positive inputs from all actors.

  • Trading intelligence evolves systematically, by design of incentives.

Zero Friction
  • There is zero adoption and operational costs for all participants.

  • There is no need for toxic business models — no ads, no user data collection, nothing!

  • Participation may be pseudonymous, and permissionless.

  • The business is an unregulated activity: the dissemination of trading signals.

Powerful Brand
  • The collective business is 100% aligned with consumer interests.

  • We adopt open source, decentralization, bitcoin, and privacy values.

  • The project fosters collaboration and constructive social interactions.

  • We act as a union to acquire benefits for everyone (i.e.: better exchange fees).

With a defensible business structure, friction reduced to zero, and a powerful consumer brand, there's nothing left to disrupt. The network is destined to grow into the dominant global trading intelligence network.